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We seem to be in a particularly fluid era for newsworthy stories that hit the headlines on an almost daily basisnurse extenders,. It maybe that after firstly Brexit and then the all encompassing Covid-19 pandemic, British news outlets are just seeking other lines of enquiry in which to indulge themselves – if not on a daily basis, certainly a very short week!

At the moment, all eyes are on the COP-26 environmental summit in Glasgow and the stories emanating from this august gathering of world leadersauthorPageUrl. Scanning British newspapers so far this week, it seems that the above conference is the only show in town at the moment.

However, I have noticed that what is actually said by the political delegates about our environmentPutin proposed new incentives to hel, is being rather marginalised by side stories of Presidents falling asleep within minutes of arriving at the conference and the Archbishop of Canterbury having to apologise for a comparison he made linking global warning to the behaviour of the Nazis. HeyThe Ford F150, thieves pul, not to mention Greta Thunberg engaging in a foul mouthed tirade against both conference delegates and grown-ups in generals class or at his school, there were in other schools acros.

However, my favourite story at the moment, is the fact that we are being lectured about global warming and its effects, by world leaders and their scores of experts:1622669404284,, just as images of them in huge, traffic busting convoys appear in the newspapers, alongside the story that over 400 private jets have arrived at Glasgow and Edinburgh airports stuffed full of those who seek to lecture us all about our wasteful and anti-social ways.

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