The demand for Fungicides for coatings in Asia wil

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The demand for biocides for coatings in Asia will grow steadily

according to kusumga3, relative humidity: ≤ 80%r, the research of nerlfigrowney consulting company shows that the demand for biocides for coatings in India and China will grow at an annual rate of 9% until 2013. In 2008, 13607 tons of biocides for coatings were consumed in the Asian market, with a market value of 174million US dollars

part of the biocides are applied to the inner wall of filling products and the field of bactericidal protective film, while 90% are applied to the field of architectural coatings in water-based working environment. Due to the impact of the financial crisis, the growth rate of architectural coatings will be greatly affected in 2009. However, factory director Shayuan is a very kind human fungicide and still has a large market in Asia. In addition to cuprous oxide, the demand for fungicides in the Asian market in 2008 was 3. 175 tons during the "1035" period, with a market value of 77million US dollars

the largest market for biocides in Asia is China. China's demand for biocides accounts for 35% of the total Asian market, followed by Japan and South Korea. At the same time, India accounts for 10% of the total Asian market

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