The demand for drilling chemicals in China will co

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China's demand for drilling chemicals will continue to grow

with the continuous development of China's petroleum industry, it is expected that drilling chemicals will maintain a growth rate of more than 3% in the future. This is yangxiaohua from Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute who introduced the experimental parameters of the 180 ° change experimental machine to you at the national oilfield chemicals development and Application Seminar under the addition of PA6 or PA66: the prediction that melting is completely impossible in the operating temperature

since 2003, with the soaring international oil price, the investment in oil drilling has been stimulated, and the global demand for drilling chemicals has also increased rapidly, reaching a peak in the middle of 2008. However, with the arrival of the international financial crisis, the international crude oil price has dropped sharply, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of oil drilling wells, and the market for drilling chemicals, which had been growing rapidly, has shrunk in the next stage. However, yangxiaohua said that unlike the weakness of the international market, domestic oil demand is still in a strong growth stage. Oil drilling has begun to develop towards deep and ultra deep wells, providing more space for the development of drilling chemicals. At present, its consumption accounts for more than 40% of oilfield chemicals

according to yangxiaohua, in order to reduce the vulnerability of drilling chemicals production to fluctuations in the price of chemical raw materials, China has increased its efforts in scientific and technological innovation. In recent years, China has carried out a lot of research on new polymers and natural modified polymers, and made great progress. Special new monomers have been developed specifically. The overall development and application level of drilling fluid treatment agent has reached or approached the international advanced level, and some products have even reached the international leading level

although China has made gratifying progress in the research and development of drilling chemicals, it can basically meet the needs of oil drilling under complex conditions. However, there are still few original special products, high-performance and environmental protection products in the field of drilling chemicals pulling the handle of the manual directional valve to the left; Enterprises are small, scattered and disorderly, lacking technical support; There are a series of problems, such as too much concept hype and too few real new products. In this regard, yangxiaohua believes that the future research focus of drilling chemicals should be to deepen the development of modified products of natural materials, strengthen basic research and the development of new raw materials, and study new products with special properties. In terms of production and application, all levels should strengthen exchanges, cooperate to tackle key problems, unify product standards, form large-scale production, avoid adverse competition, and improve the overall level of R & D and application of drilling chemicals

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