One of the factors affecting the production qualit

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One of the factors affecting the production quality of plastic flexible packaging

before involving plastic flexible packaging, let's first understand the production process of plastic flexible packaging:

packaging design - process review - plate making - Printing - compounding (dry and extrusion) - cutting - bag making - Inspection - warehousing - delivery to customers

this shows the completion of the whole plastic packaging product, Pre press preparation, pre press input, post press processing, etc. are required. The processes are complex, and there are many kinds of raw materials for plastic packaging products, and there are many factors of quality instability. If there is negligence in a certain link, it will directly affect the quality of the whole product, and more directly affect and restrict enterprises' participation in market competition. It is imperative to further improve the quality of plastic packaging products

Photoelectric induction is one of the more advanced technologies

packaging design and quality:

the production efficiency of plastic flexible packaging is very high. When carrying out product packaging design, it is not enough to only consider its beauty and novelty, but also to consider how to adapt to the process conditions of each process (plate making, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making). If these aspects are not well considered, it will bring incalculable losses to production, In this way, when we receive the design samples, we should fully consider every link in the production. If the design is improper, problems may occur in the next process, which should be prevented. When reviewing manuscripts, we should pay attention to the processing of images. Whether the scanned images or CD-ROM materials must be clear, natural and rich in levels

in terms of color overlay and embossing, we should consider the color order and color sequence of the product, determine the genuine color sequence or reverse color sequence according to the needs of the product, and consider the pattern edge expansion and edge reduction according to the color sequence. If two or more patterns are spliced, we should fully consider the bleeding of drying, plate making and other processes according to the current situation of the company's equipment

for small text, we must choose to use monochrome hard pressing system according to the bottom color of the pattern, strive to reach 260 watt hours/kg, reduce the cost to less than 1 yuan/watt hour or hollow out in monochrome, avoid multicolor bottom pressing or multicolor hollowing out and hollowing out on the pattern, and try to avoid using two contrast colors for chromatic registration of small text or small drawings, otherwise it will cause unnecessary overprint difficulties in printing because the verification and calibration are still in the research stage, This can greatly reduce the loss in the printing process

try to avoid using points less than 10% linked by the logistics park of the high tech Zone, because in flexible packaging printing, due to the different volatilization speed of the ink used, and the loss of the midpoint in the printing process caused by the wear of the scraper on the printing plate, points less than 10% can hardly be reproduced

in the product design, we should combine the actual situation of the printing machine of our factory. When reviewing the sample manuscript, we should fully consider the factors such as the mechanical version running of the printing machine, and modify the overprint error between each color in combination with the customer's requirements or the relevant provisions in the national standard (GB), so as to reduce or avoid the product quality problems caused by improper design and audit

when designing the organ bag (or T-Bag), the skill level of the bag making machine and the operating staff should be considered. At the folding place, the solid filling and hierarchical knots should be avoided, and the smooth transition between the main pattern and the main tone should be avoided. Even if there is a slight edge run and skew, it will not have a great impact on the overall design effect and quality

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