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A special winter vacation: in Sany, engineers have become children's new idols

a special winter vacation: in Sany, engineers have become children's new idols

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recently, class 1812 of Changsha Lushan International Experimental primary school entered Sany to carry out winter vacation social practice and experience activities, so that more than 40 children had a special winter vacation

in recent years, Changsha has made great achievements in intelligent manufacturing. Each park has a number of world-leading high-quality enterprises. The event is held against this background, allowing parents and children to have zero distance contact with high-end intelligent manufacturing

entering Sany, the children saw the largest intelligent manufacturing workshop in Asia, saw robot assembly vehicles, and felt the world's pump king, long boom pump truck, China's first crane and other products at close range, which excited the students

as one of the leading enterprises in the global equipment manufacturing industry, the exhibition of Sany once caused panic to parents and students. The museum is enough for children to "study carefully". They entered the exhibition hall and "touched" all kinds of large pump trucks. Their most popular concern was that their curative effect could be more than 4000 times higher than that of the surface coating absorption method. Note that a tall cylinder in the exhibition hall! "Is this a rocket?" The children are asking questions one after another

the commentator explained that this is a rescue capsule rather than a rocket. In 2010, a mining accident occurred in Chile, and 33 miners were trapped 700 meters underground. The SCC4000 crawler crane provided by Sany Heavy Industry, the only Asian equipment involved in the rescue, helped the trapped miners return to the ground through the rescue capsule

through the explanation, the children learned about various star products and some core technologies. The children concentrated and rushed to answer the questions, and their innovative consciousness was stimulated. "I also want to be an engineer in the future, so that steel machines can help mankind." After the visit, the engineers of Sany became the new idols of many children

entering the garden factory, spacious, bright max:100mm bright, green plants, fountain pool, let us immediately feel a different factory atmosphere. When using Chinese food in the staff restaurant, the children played and delivered dishes like the staff of Sany. Many children had CDs, and the uncle of the canteen gave them great praise

at the end of the activity, when the children received the small award from the Sany honorary staff, the children were very happy and proud. Seeing that children are full of interest and gain a lot, parents have said that such social practice activities should be more

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