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One drone per hour, Changsha Aviation Academy completes the plant protection pesticide spraying of the whole hospital

one drone per hour, Changsha Aviation Academy completes the plant protection pesticide spraying of the whole hospital since the proposal of made in China 2025

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original title: one drone per hour, Changsha Aviation Academy completes the plant protection pesticide spraying of the whole hospital

hindered amine light stabilizer "drones spray pesticides on campus (plant protection), so tall." On March 20, two teachers and students of Changsha Institute of Aeronautics and Technology (hereinafter referred to as Changsha Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) carried out campus greening and maintenance in the college. An eight rotor plant protection UAV was used to spray pesticides instead of manpower, and the workload of trees and shrubs in the whole college was basically completed in one hour

this spraying work was completed by Wu Jing, a student of UAV class 1703 under the leadership of Wang Huaichao, a teacher of the UAV application technology teaching and research office. As a pilot, Wang Huaichao was responsible for operating the UAV and manually controlling the flight route throughout the whole process; Wu Jing is responsible for logistics support. The company's turnover has increased significantly, including battery replacement and charging. Wang Huaichao, who won the best pilot in the UAV application and innovation skills competition of national vocational colleges, overcame the difficulties of uneven crops on the campus, many obstacles in high buildings and street lights, and basically completed the spraying of arbor and shrub pesticides on the vault campus of the college in one hour. In the past, this work required five green hard objects to scratch for two days

according to duchangbing, Secretary of the College of mechanical and electrical engineering, the traditional artificial spraying is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the efficiency of UAV is many times higher than that of artificial spraying. Generally, plant protection pesticides are sprayed on unified crops. A UAV can complete mu in an hour, 40 times that of artificial spraying. In order to save time and effort, UAV spraying pesticides has many advantages: GPS intelligent positioning, reducing the phenomenon of missed spraying and re spraying in artificial spraying; Compared with traditional spraying, it saves 40% of the dosage, and the water consumption is only 20% of the traditional water consumption; Reduce the time for operators to contact pesticides and reduce poisoning opportunities... Changsha aviation academy gives full play to the advantages of aviation and resources, solves practical problems with technical skills, and serves campus construction

it is understood that the UAV application technology major of Changsha Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics was founded in 2014. It mainly cultivates high-quality technical and skilled talents who have all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty, master the necessary theoretical knowledge of UAV structure, assembly, debugging and maintenance, have strong practical skills and good professional ethics, and can engage in the manufacturing, assembly, debugging, decomposition, maintenance, ground service, aerial photography, aerial survey and production management of UAVs. Graduates majoring in UAV application technology from the Institute have good employment prospects, mainly working in aviation manufacturing enterprises, aviation repair enterprises, civil and general aviation enterprises and institutions and relevant scientific research institutions. At present, the UAV application technology major of Changsha academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics has carried out cooperation and order training with enterprises such as AVIC Guizhou aircraft Co., Ltd., Hunan Bohang UAV Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuzhou Skye Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (correspondent Wang jingni, Li Pengfei, Liu Yuan)

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