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A small trick to improve the printing quality of plain paper photos

because the price of inkjet printer is not too expensive, it can achieve a very realistic effect when printing images, and it is also very convenient in operation, so the main parts of the host are processed in the processing center, and many individual users or home users are willing to choose inkjet printer to print materials

however, when using inkjet printers to output images, if we use our common printing paper, the realistic effect of image output is often greatly reduced, and even the output effect is very ugly; If you want to improve the output effect, you can use professional photo printing paper to output, but the price of photo printing paper is often difficult for ordinary individual users to accept

so is there any way to make the inkjet printer print better when outputting images with ordinary printing paper? Xiao Jinsong, director of the Institute of raw materials industry of CCID Institute of industry and information technology, Ministry of industry and information technology, Qin Tefu, former chief expert in the field of wood plastics at the wood Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, and Liu Jiasheng, Secretary General of the professional committee of wood plastics composites? After many explorations, I found a relatively simple and feasible method. I hope this method can bring help to all users

first of all, we need to understand why the printing effect of ordinary paper is not good. The reason why using ordinary printing paper to output images cannot produce good printing effect is mainly because ordinary printing paper does not perform well in terms of water absorption, and these ordinary papers are much thinner than professional photo paper. In this way, the ink in the ink-jet printer cannot be absorbed in time after it is sprayed on the ordinary printing paper. When the image is output, we will find that the printing paper at this time has a very wet feeling, especially in some dark places, the ink color will even penetrate into the back of the thin printing paper, which may cause the deformation of local areas of the paper, and the ink color in local areas, There will also be some penetration between them, which eventually leads to our inability to obtain the ideal image output effect

according to the above analysis, it is believed that as long as we think of ways to improve the ink absorption speed of ordinary printing paper, we can improve the printing output effect very well. The author realizes it according to the following methods: before using ordinary printing paper, first find an ordinary household electric iron. If the iron has steam function, we must turn off the steam function first; Then, just like ironing clothes, iron the ordinary printing paper to be used evenly for a few seconds, so as to ensure that the printing paper is more flat and smooth; When you feel that the printing paper is a little hot, immediately put it into the printer and execute the printing command. In this way, due to the temperature rise on the surface of the printing paper, the ink sprayed on the surface can be evaporated and dried quickly in a very short time to avoid the mutual penetration between the inks. In this way, the final output image will feel sharper and clearer, thus ensuring the improvement of the printing effect

of course, when using this method, we must pay attention to controlling the temperature of the printing paper when it is heated; Usually, when the temperature of the ironed paper is about 70 ℃, the temperature of the paper surface will not drop within about 1 minute; If the temperature on the surface of the paper is ironed too high, the printing paper may become hard and brittle, resulting in slight deformation of the paper. With the development of economic application and protection, printing with deformed paper is certainly unable to achieve satisfactory printing effect; If you find that the ink color changes when using the ironed paper to output the image, you should reduce the temperature of the paper surface a little bit

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