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The State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and the National Standardization Administration (SAC) issued announcement No. 142 a few days ago, approving the issuance of GB fire expansion seals and gb/t test method for the combustion performance of flame retardant paper and paperboard, which have three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement. The above two national standards will be implemented from November 1, 2009, replacing GB and gb/t respectively

fire expansion seals are widely used in building components and structures such as fire doors, fire windows, fire shutters, fire dampers, fire glass partitions, etc. they can effectively improve the fire and smoke resistance of building components and structures, and are often used in scientific research institutions, testing mechanisms, new product development, etc. Since the national standard GB "fire expansion seals" was first formulated and issued in 1997, it has played an important role in standardizing the production market of fire expansion seals, unifying the technical performance indicators of the product, guiding the research and development of domestic fire expansion seals, and improving product quality. With the extension of the use time of the standard, some contents of the standard can no longer reflect the technical development level of the fire expansion seal production industry, so it is included in the revision plan. According to the technical development achievements and the accumulation of testing practical experience in the past ten years, unsuitable inspection items and some repeated inspection items such as initial expansion temperature, main expansion temperature, linear expansion multiple, high temperature resistance, combustion performance, hardness and tensile strength of elastic composite expansion body are cancelled in the newly issued national standard of fire expansion seals, and acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance The index requirements of smoke prevention performance and other test items are added, and some test items related to the development and production of materials with low global warming potential are closely different from the actual application. Through the design, synthesis, modification and processing of materials, the degradation performance of materials can be adjusted according to different utilization needs, such as smoke toxicity, smoke density, air aging resistance, etc. The revision and release of this standard will provide a more scientific, advanced and reasonable technical basis for the R & D, production, application and testing of fire expansion seals, and will also promote the use and safety performance of related products

the national standard "test method for the combustion performance of flame retardant paper and paperboard" issued in 1993 is mainly formulated with reference to the American pulp and Paper Industry Association standard TAPPI t461 om-84 "test method for the combustion performance of flame retardant treated paper and paperboard". Since its implementation, there have been problems such as long standard age and aging technical content, which are incompatible with technological progress and market demand. According to the research results of relevant foreign standards, ASTM D (2002) Standard Test Method for flammability of flame retardant paper and paperboard issued by the American Society for testing and materials (ASTM) is more authoritative and internationally influential. Therefore, the newly issued national standard gb/t "test method for flammability of flame retardant paper and paperboard" is mainly revised with reference to the standards of the American Society for testing and materials. Compared with gb/t, the new standard modifies relevant terms and definitions, puts forward new technical requirements in terms of test methods, sample preparation, test devices, test procedures, etc., adds relevant provisions on sample state adjustment, and provides a more scientific inspection method for the flame retardant performance of paper and paperboard materials. The revision and release of this standard will bring the combustion performance test method of flame retardant paper and paperboard in China into line with international advanced inspection technology, and will also urge domestic relevant enterprises to strengthen product research and development and quality improvement, so as to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic products of this kind

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