One of the hottest image output problems

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One of the problems of image output

changing the torque provided by the fatigue experimental machine belongs to dynamic torque. Although the desktop publishing technology has undergone earth shaking changes, which has brought more and more advantages to the processing of graphic information, and the output work of the output center has been continuously improved, some things have not changed: that is, there are always "lack of font in the file" and "image resolution error" in the file that the customer brings output So after using the tensile testing machine for a period of time, "page setup with wrong order" and other problems

problems like this often occur in the output center, using the wrong font in the page, or the image disappears, or the file cannot be printed at all, which not only wastes time, but also wastes money. Facing these problems, what should our prepress producers do

today, with digital processes everywhere, prepress staff must undertake the work done by the previous electronic color separation personnel, or at least they must understand the electronic color separation work, so as to prevent the creation of a document that may have problems in the next process. If prepress producers know what to pay attention to, it will be easier to prevent output errors. In order to make the printing staff no longer make the same mistakes and find out how to avoid mistakes, I think the following aspects deserve attention

kostron uses Makrolon ax2677 and surface hardening technology. First, problems caused by insufficient experience.

those who just use windows. Finally, industry insiders say that the new generation of publishers like software are usually inexperienced. For beginners, there are many more problems with Windows files than with Mac. However, prepress producers and output centers still have to compete with these familiar problems, because novices will experience the mistakes that older employees have experienced

another change that makes output centers sad is the increasing application of color inkjet printers. Before inkjet printers, many designers mistakenly relied on black-and-white laser printer proofing to verify the final output; After the application of color printers, the chaos has become more serious. Because many customers only admit their proofs, and some even refuse matchprint proofs because the colors cannot match the proofs they bring. Because inkjet printers can print a wider color gamut than four-color prints, color spray colors often look brighter or more saturated than the final print

similarly, the experience of page design has changed the expectations of many prepress producers for printed matter. Like inkjet printers, computer displays are less sensitive to differences in resolution and can display more colors than offset printing. A prepress producer sees all kinds of pictures on the page, and they want to apply these pictures to the printed matter. As a result, GIF images that customers want to reuse in their brochures are placed. After the files of such page images are output to the film, the printing results can be imagined

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