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According to foreign media reports, Hillsboro, Oregon, has completed an urban street lamp renovation project of nearly $10million (about 68.83 million yuan), which is expected to make the city more efficient and save money in the next decade

for many years, the city has been committed to upgrading its street lamps to LED. Patrick Preston, a municipal spokesman, said that these LED street lamps are more efficient than traditional street lamps, and they often talk with their peers about the purchase of experimental machines with a core interest of 1.35 euros per share, which is cheaper and safer

led lights can improve the vision of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, reduce light pollution, and the newly installed technology can reduce energy demand, achieve wireless control, and improve the efficiency of maintenance and replacement of lights

the street lamp renovation project has been carried out since 2017. Preston said it would save the city more than $450000 in energy costs each year

the project is one of the largest energy efficiency projects in the history of the city, requiring staff to replace more than 4500 street lights, add new high-tech equipment, provide wireless control street lights, and reduce street lighting time on some roads with low traffic. Preston said the device would also alert staff about maintenance problems

led street lamp transformation is part of the city's smart city plan. We need to operate and verify it once and again. The plan aims to bring more high-tech elements to the city's infrastructure. Hillsborough parks and entertainment launched a plan in 2016 to use sensors to measure the amount of irrigation required by some urban parks to save water. As a network, streetlights can be used to build future smart city plans, such as providing community WiFi in some areas of the city. (compiled by: ledinside James)

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