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One of the development directions of flow measurement: clamping measurement technology

in the process automation industry, time is money. Considering this, clamping flowmeter will be one of the development directions of flow measurement. It is applicable to specific occasions where shutdown is not allowed and immediate work is required. For the operator in charge of installation, this means that the installation of the sensor must be simple and clear, does not require the use of special tools, and does not require any training before starting. In view of this actual situation, KROHNE developed optisonic 6300 ultrasonic flowmeter, which is extremely simple to install and can test shoes on a variety of different ground

clamping technology

clamping ultrasonic flowmeter has been on the market for a long time. It can be measured without interrupting the process, which provides a convenient method for flow measurement. In addition to the advantages such as no pressure loss, non-destructive and easy maintenance, the clamped flowmeter has strong adaptability and low cost, so it is often used as a flexible flow measurement method

however, according to the practical application, we know that there may still be problems in using the clamped flowmeter to obtain accurate and reliable flow measurement results so far. This is because its accuracy largely depends on whether users accurately input pipeline and medium parameters. The inaccuracy of pipeline and medium parameters will inevitably reduce the reliability and accuracy of flow measurement results. Different pipe and lining materials, ideal and non ideal flow patterns, temperature changes and upstream interference can also greatly reduce the performance of the clamped flowmeter

in the field operation, there are many uncertain factors in the pipeline and medium parameters where the clamped ultrasonic flowmeter is installed, which cause great uncertainty, and even the operator cannot find it

the first point to reduce the uncertainty of the clamped flowmeter is to understand the impact caused by incorrect pipe and medium parameter settings. These parameter settings are often ignored in the work of using clamping technology. Users only pay attention to obtaining measurement results to a large extent, no matter how clumsy or inaccurate the method is

therefore, when accurate flow measurement is required, the pipeline flowmeter is the wise choice at present and in the future

using the new clamping flowmeter can carry out flow test in any situation, and the installation is extremely simple

development history

in the measurement of early ultrasonic flow instruments, successful measurement often depends on various factors in the application, such as pipes, medium types and impurity types in the medium (such as bubbles or solids). Over the years, KROHNE company has made considerable development and improvement, especially in the field of pipeline flowmeter, which makes the ultrasonic flowmeter can be widely used in a variety of occasions, and the two documents stipulate different standards for exterior wall insulation materials with better performance. In other words, the ultrasonic flowmeter produced by KROHNE company has been independent of the application used to the greatest extent, and can achieve high accuracy. This is especially true for the innovative pipeline type three channel ultrasonic flowmeter, because it even makes the flow measurement independent of the flow state of the liquid. This kind of instrument is one of the most accurate instruments in the world. It can adapt to various applications. However, so far, the clamped flowmeter that has been listed has failed to meet this standard, so the clamping technology is still a non calibration technology, and various influencing factors have caused its uncertainty

in order to improve the performance of the clamping flowmeter, KROHNE company developed a new optisonic 6300 clamping flowmeter to improve its reliability. Through a new design concept, optisonic 6300 provides a quality index integrated into electronic circuits, which can minimize the uncertainty of measurement. When adjusting the position of the probe, a bar graph will appear on the display panel of the converter to display the real-time signal quality. With this excellent tool, every user can easily optimize the performance of the clamped flowmeter and improve the measurement quality to 100%

when adjusting the position of the probe, the cylindrical statistical chart directly shows the quality of the signal

in the past few years, users in the process automation industry required the equipment to be easy to operate, but now users require the equipment to be easy to use in all stages, including installation, operation, maintenance and calibration

the convenience of using the clamped flowmeter depends on two aspects of the instrument: the electronics department is headquartered in the angstron company in Dayton, Ohio, and the mechanical department. At present, the electronic equipment used in the market has surplus capacity and the amount of information provided. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of the operation method of man-machine interface and how the software can provide guidance for users to achieve convenient use

the simplicity of the mechanical part of the clamping flowmeter is the most important and key part, which has not been well solved before

krohne is the first manufacturer of ultrasonic flowmeter that has achieved satisfactory results in dealing with simplicity

one of the challenges faced by the new design of the clamping flowmeter is to increase the clamping structure, so as to achieve the highest level of industrial site firmness. In addition, instant startup and flexibility are also valued

rugged industrial clamping structure

since the optisonic 6300 sensor has been specially designed and tested, its clamping technology can even cope with harsh operating conditions. First, sensors and converters are completely unaffected by the weather. All converters are intrinsically safe for use in non hazardous and hazardous environments. In order to avoid the danger of laying cables and other thorny situations, a unique industrial cable is the only connection between mechanical and electronic parts. The transmission of ultrasonic signals is ensured by industrial coaxial cables with gold-plated connectors. Dust, corrosive gases, sunlight or external damage are blocked out by a well-designed protective cover. The cover of optisonic 6300 has many uses. It can not only be used for protection, but also reduce the need for maintenance. It can also protect the coupling agent between the converter and the pipeline, thereby extending the maintenance cycle

the above functions make the optisonic 6300 the first choice of users. Not only that, users will be more interested in it in the next few years

in actual production, the regular addition of coupling agent for clamp type flowmeter is not a job that most operators are willing to do. The manual operation and cumbersome relocation of the converter often cause damage or loss of the appearance and hand parts required by the zero composition, and the flow measurement will also be affected. The maintenance of optisonic 6300 is much simpler. After removing the protective cover, the whole track, including the converter, can be unlocked through the button. The track can be lifted and turned to one side. In this way, the contact surface of the converter can be seen. Simply add a new couplant to these surfaces and return the track to the tube

flexible system configuration

optisonic 6300 has three different sensor types to choose from, which can be used to measure pipes with diameters ranging from DN15 to dn4000. There are also two different types that can be used in application systems with temperature expansion from - 50 to 200 ℃

any pipe material, whether lined or not, can use the same sensor, and its measured pipe wall thickness is up to 75mm. The selected sensor can handle different measurement modes: V mode, w mode and Z mode

one converter can accept signals from three sensors, and the flexibility of optisonic 6300 is even wider. In practice, this may mean that users can install a sensor at the upstream and downstream of the pipeline for flow measurement


using KROHNE's optisonic 6300 on site means continuity and long-term reliability. Flow measurement can be carried out anytime and anywhere, and the start-up is also very fast. In addition, the new optisonic 6300 clamping flowmeter provides a revolutionary solution for convenient operation through its rugged industrial structure and the method of adding coupling agent

by providing simple installation instructions and electronic installation wizard program, the operator will be guided by each step and can complete the installation in less than 15 minutes

measurement principle of clamp type flowmeter

after selecting the installation location and understanding the parameters of the pipeline and medium, the first step is to install the metal belt into a unique patented technology base, wrap the metal belt around the pipeline and install the other end of the metal belt into the base. Two probes have been pre installed in the track structure at the factory. Then the track can be fixed to the pipe immediately. Connect a single cable between the mechanical and electronic parts, and then the optisonic 6300 can be powered on. The friendly operating system can recognize the initial installation and directly enter the installation wizard interface. The instrument is more intelligent and convenient to use; As long as you slide a probe, the system will help optimize the flow measurement. (end)

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