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Shanghai will become the first Chinese city with more than 200 kilometers of rail transit lines by the end of the year. Yesterday, it was learned from the launching ceremony of the first "Shanghai urban public transport week and Car Free Day" activity that in the "Car Free Day" activity on September 22, the area within the inner ring road is a car free advocacy area, advocating that cars should not drive into this area

Factor 1: after the launching ceremony of the force sensor of the electronic tensile testing machine

was over, about 200 residents of Yangpu District took the upcoming Rail Transit Line 8 (phase I). During the trial ride, they learned that the operation steps of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 6 and hydraulic universal machine in the metal tensile test, which have attracted much public attention, have come to the end of the station decoration and equipment installation of line 8 phase I and line 9 phase I projects, On the basis of assuming that the main structure of 61 stations of the three lines is fully completed without using class a materials, more than 90% of the stations have completed the decoration and the construction of more than 2 entrances and exits, 80% of the electromechanical system installation has also been completed, the joint commissioning of the signal system of the three lines has been fully carried out, and 16 metro vehicles have completed the static commissioning at present

at the same time, people's Square Station and Century Avenue station will be upgraded to become a third line transfer hub like Zhongshan Park Station, and the number of second line transfer stations will increase to 14

it is reported that by the end of this year, the city will be the first Chinese city to have more than 200 kilometers of rail transit lines, ahead of Beijing and sunlight, which are under construction. Hong Kong subway will become the first Chinese city to have more than 200 kilometers of rail transit lines. The number of administrative regions accessible by subway will increase to 13, and Shanghai rail transit will initially form a networking operation framework with a traffic mileage of 230 kilometers, stepping into the world's advanced ranks

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