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Shanghai Shenghua Cable (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shenghua Cable can start the experiment (Group) Co., Ltd. after being checked by the instructor. It has ten major brands of wires and cables, Chinese famous brands, Shanghai famous trademarks, Shanghai famous brands, large national private enterprises, top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises, 500 Chinese private enterprises, one of the largest manufacturers in China's cable industry, cross regional, cross industry Shanghai Shenghua Cable (Group) Co., Ltd., a cross-border modern enterprise group, is a large national private enterprise approved by the relevant departments of the Shanghai municipal government. Its predecessor was Shanghai Haixin cable factory, which was founded in 1987, renamed Shanghai Shenghua Cable Factory in 1998, and reorganized and established Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group in 2002

Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group is one of the largest manufacturers in China's cable industry, ranking 354 in China's top 500 manufacturing industry, 17 in China's electrical and mechanical equipment, 55 in China's top 500 machinery, 96 in China's top 500 private enterprises, and 2 in China's top 20 cable industry, with a total registered capital of more than 800 million yuan and a total asset of 1.9 billion yuan. It has more than 30 subsidiaries, more than 500 domestic sales companies, more than 5000 employees, an annual cable production capacity of nearly 1.1 million kilometers, and an annual output value of 8.5 billion yuan. In recent years, the group has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to establish cable production bases in Shanghai, Hefei, Xinxiang, Shenyang, Yinchuan, Chengdu and Xiangfan; Copper and plastic production bases have been established in Qingpu, Nanhui and Hefei in Shanghai; It has invested 500million yuan to acquire Anhui Lvbao Cable Co., Ltd. (Hefei cable factory), Xinxiang cable factory and Shanghai Shentong Copper Co., Ltd., reorganized and established more than 10 wholly-owned and holding enterprises outside Shanghai, such as China Lvbao cable group and Henan Shenghua Cable Co., Ltd., such as methyl methacrylate graft and acrylate copolymer, and also invested 300million yuan to establish Shanghai Shenghua Electric Co., Ltd Shanghai Shenghua special cable company, Shanghai Shenghua nuclear cable company, Shanghai Shenghua ship cable company and other more than 10 enterprises. The investment fields involve wires and cables, copper processing, chemical plastics, etc., forming a modern enterprise group across regions, industries and borders

Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group covers an area of more than 1000 mu. It mainly produces 80 series and more than 20000 varieties of power cables below 110KV, rubber sheathed cables, control cables, branch cables, copper-clad aluminum cables, special cables, nuclear grade cables, ship cables and high-tech environmental protection cables. The products have obtained the national production license, 3C certification and the national coal industry "Ma" safety mark permit, and have been rated as national new products, "Xinxin" trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark in China, and the enterprise has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Shenghua Cable, with its advanced technology, reliable quality, high-quality service and reasonable price, has been widely used in the fields of power, water conservancy, coal, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, railway, communication, transportation and urban infrastructure construction in China, and has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Russia, Australia, Indonesia and Pakistan. The enterprise was rated as a national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, and a civilized enterprise in Shanghai. Chairman Zhang SHENGFEI was also rated as one of the top ten innovators in China's Electromechanical industry, the top ten entrepreneurs in China's wire and cable industry, the top ten figures in China's mergers and acquisitions, the advanced individuals in Shanghai's cooperation and exchange and counterpart support, the nomination Award for Shanghai's top ten outstanding young people and top ten economic figures, and was elected as the Shanghai wire and cable chamber of Commerce Executive vice president of Shanghai Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, China Flame Retardant Society and member of the 11th Shanghai CPPCC. p>

facing the challenges of economic globalization, intellectualization and informatization, all victorious Chinese will fully implement the important thought of "Three Represents", implement the requirements of the scientificoutlookondevelopment, put people first, keep pace with the times, explore and innovate, and constantly optimize the capital structure, industrial structure, organizational structure and talent structure in line with the purpose of "creating first-class enterprises, making first-class products, delivering first-class services and building first-class brands". Make every effort to promote the development of common points of single and double tension machines, manufacturing bases all over the country and scientific research bases in Shanghai; Promote the development of cable industry and copper industry at the same time; Promote the development of high-tech products and traditional cables at the same time; Promote the development of both technological progress and scientific management; Promote the development of both material and spiritual civilization of the enterprise, respect knowledge, talents and creation, and constantly promote the large-scale, scientific, technological, people-oriented and international construction of the enterprise. Based on Shanghai, facing the whole country and going global, Shenghua group will strive to build the largest scientific research base in the industry with an annual output value of more than 10billion yuan in three years. 3. The water absorption rate of wire and cable 3. Polyphenylene oxide is very low, about 0.06% Production base and export base

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