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Shanghai "shenweida" launched "Intelligent digital display paper cutter

sqzx920nw intelligent digital display paper cutter has attracted extensive attention of colleagues in the printing industry at home and abroad.

this product has four major features:

first, it realizes man-machine dialogue. The machine adopts 240128 dot matrix large screen blue liquid crystal display, and the number of employees is reduced from 130000 to 80000 as the man-machine interface. The current position of the paper pusher, the target position of the paper pusher and the operation information are displayed in Chinese on the screen Etc. The operator can input or save the size of the paper pusher to be positioned through the keyboard and display, and command the positioning of the paper pusher through and for storing microbial keys

second, it is beneficial to the environment. The machine has a storage of 100 cutting sizes, can run automatically, and has a memory function

third, the machine implements the operation positioning of the paper pusher, and the positioning error reaches ± 3mm

fourth, compared with the general number of paper display and cutting machines, this machine greatly improves the degree of automation and production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and has high cost performance

Shanghai Shenda Machinery Co., Ltd. has applied for the patent of "intelligent digital display controller for paper cutter" for this new model. The core technology of this machine has independent intellectual property rights, which escort China's paper cutter into the international market

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