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Shanghai second-hand CNC machine tool import customs declaration agent processing equipment customs declaration

Shanghai second-hand CNC machine tool import customs declaration agent processing equipment customs declaration

Shanghai second-hand CNC machine tool import customs declaration agent plus currently shows the four characteristics of "multi variety, small batch, high energy consumption and low efficiency". Industrial equipment customs declaration

Wanxiang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, with three program receiving centers in South China, East China and North China, A large-scale supply chain service platform with nearly 300 integrated logisticians, and 12 physical branches are located in Tianjin, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Wuhan, Dalian and Beijing. Tianjin Wanxiang service team has customs clearance cases for the import of used equipment and machinery at major ports, customs clearance logistics cases for the import of used equipment and machinery at major ports, and three minute four logistics schemes

to ensure that sufficient lubrication measures are taken for the lubricated parts ================================================================================================== Copy of the consignor's business license

2. The list of used mechanical and electrical products to be imported (name, code, quantity, specification and model, place of origin, manufacturing date, manufacturer, old and new status, price, purpose, etc.) shall be sealed in duplicate

3. Color photos of the equipment

4. Filing application for imported used mechanical and electrical products (electronic version)

secondly, if the imported equipment needs to apply for a license, the required materials:

1, application form

2, application report (the report details the basic situation of the enterprise, production situation, purpose of imported equipment, production and manufacturing date, service life, current situation, and if the production date is earlier, special circumstances must be explained)

3, equipment testing instructions, The test report provided by the national inspection institution or equipment supplier must be issued

4. Business license and approval certificate of the enterprise (to be provided by foreign-invested enterprises)

5, list

6, color photos of equipment

7, work contact list


the filing of imported used mechanical and electrical products has been included in the permit of the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine since January 1, 2007. It takes 5 working days to accept, 20 working days to approve and 10 working days to deliver. After the filing is completed, the original filing form shall be sent abroad to start the pre inspection before shipment. All used mechanical and electrical products listed in Article 4 of the Announcement No. 40 of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China in 2003 shall be subject to pre shipment inspection. Before the filing and approval, the applicant must ensure that the goods are in the original place of use. Issue the "pre shipment inspection record" at the time of approval, and the colleague will inform the applicant of the overseas organization that implements the pre shipment inspection and its contact information. The applicant/consignor must contact the overseas organization to implement the pre shipment inspection. After the inspection is completed, the overseas inspection institution will issue the inspection report and send it to the relevant directly affiliated bureaus, which will issue the pre shipment inspection certificate, and the applicant will handle the inspection application procedures with the filing letter, pre shipment inspection report and pre shipment inspection verification


old equipment import process, second-hand equipment import process

1. Code and classify your equipment. Then confirm the supervision conditions of your equipment, because some machinery is prohibited from importing old machinery by the state

2. After confirmation, go to the provincial commodity inspection bureau to handle the "filing of imported used mechanical and electrical products"

3. Prepare the application materials, and apply after the materials are complete

4. According to the commodity code of mechanical and electrical products in the import declaration, the municipal mechanical and electrical office will handle the automatic import license or forward the report on the automatic import license catalogue, and the national mechanical and electrical office will handle the automatic import license

5. After "approved" is displayed on the, the enterprise is requested to bring the stamped application form and the original application report as well as all the written materials required above to the municipal mechanical and electrical office or the national mechanical and electrical office to receive the certificate

6. Handle CCIC pre inspection, and contact Hong Kong China National Inspection Corporation for inspection

7. After passing the intermediate inspection, the barges shall be arranged in rows

8. Handle the commodity inspection of second-hand equipment to meet the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards

9. Customs declaration, price review, tax payment, release

exclusive services of expert consultants of integrated logistics solutions


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CCPIT will make a decision on whether to review within 10 working days after receiving the application. If the standards are met, the review approval for personnel holding economic and trade exhibitions abroad shall be issued and copied to relevant departments; If it does not meet the standard, analyze the reasons. Article 14 once the project is approved, the exhibition organization unit should not change or cancel it at will; In case of any change, the organizer must notify the CCPIT and the commercial institutions of relevant embassies and consulates abroad together with the reasons for the change 3 months before the opening date of the exhibition. Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions Article 32 the overseas exhibition projects of the China Council for the promotion of international trade on behalf of our country shall be countersigned and submitted to the State Council for approval. Article 33 the provisions on the time limit in these measures, which are not specified as working days, are all natural days or months. The time limit specified in Article 11 of these measures does not cover the countersignature time specified in Article 12 of these measures. Article 34 these Measures shall enter into force shortly after the date of promulgation. The measures for the administration of examination and approval of holding economic and trade exhibitions abroad issued by the CCPIT and the former Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation on February 15, 2001 shall be repealed at the same time. The win-win western market experience of the good operator of the "early declaration" mode has enabled Qian Li to increase the proportion of shipping in logistics. "The air freight price is times the sea freight price, and the month on month arrangement of air cargo can significantly reduce the logistics cost" the acceleration has saved foreign trade enterprises a "real money". At Shanghai port, more than 90% of import and export declaration forms are declared by customs declaration companies entrusted by foreign trade enterprises

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