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Shanghai Unicom completed the commercial 5g industrial UAV flight test

Industrial UAV is an important scenario for the application of 5g industry, which is widely considered by the industry as the leading breakthrough of 5g in the field of industrial interconnection, enabling operators to further expand the blue ocean market of medium and low air networks with the help of 5g after realizing ground network coverage. After completing the official application of 4G UAVs in Yunnan, Xinjiang and other places, China Unicom Research Institute cooperated with Shanghai Unicom. Based on the "wotianyu" UAV service platform, we hope to help you. After three months of technical preparation, the commercial 5g industrial UAV medium low altitude, over the horizon, high-speed flight test was successfully completed in Chongming Island, Shanghai on March 31, 2019, focusing on the verification of 5g medium low altitude coverage, high-speed mobility Base station switching, edge computing collaboration and other performance, complete the first human-machine application case of 5g industrial non essential application of large stroke tensile testing machine with the goal of formal commercial use in the world

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last November, Shanghai Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai natural gas pipeline company on 5g UAV line patrol of natural gas trunk. In order to promote the launch of the cooperation project as soon as possible, Shanghai Unicom and China Unicom Research Institute set up a joint project team, selected to carry out experiments in Chongming Island, build a 5g UAV with a coverage distance of 100 kilometers, complete the integration of airborne mission computer and 5g CPE according to the design scheme of flight height of 400 meters and flight speed of 120 km/h, Mount 4K ultra-high definition photoelectric pod, and support the real-time coding and transmission of 4K ultra-high definition video stream. In order to meet the needs of 5g UAV real-time control and 4K UHD video real-time return, the clamping force generated by the base is also greater, and the edge cloud MEC is deployed on the station side to effectively cooperate with the cloud UAV business platform

after obtaining the flight permit, the project team completed a two-week actual flight test. During the test, the air coverage scheme of 5g base stations was optimized many times, which improved the handover performance between 5g base stations when moving at high speed. The test results show that 5g massive 3D MIMO, high gain, adaptive, multi beam and other features can effectively solve the problem of fast target tracking and interference suppression. With the help of 5g edge computing collaboration, the end-to-end delay can be as low as 13 milliseconds. 5g UAV is ready for commercial use

in addition, China Unicom Research Institute has carried out UAV standardization in international standards organizations such as ITU and GSMA. At the ITU Geneva Conference of the International Telecommunication Union held from March 19 to 29, China Unicom Research Institute led to the release of the first international standard for civil UAV "communication service requirements of civil UAV" because peek resin meets the specification requirements of casing component materials, and officially launched the preparation of "logistics express requirements based on civil UAV"

is Unicom 5g industrial UAV great? The next step is to actively expand overseas and actively participate in the construction of the "the Belt and Road"! 5g UAV takes the lead, bringing new momentum to the high-quality development of "five new" Unicom. Give it a compliment

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