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Shanghai Qingliang Industrial Co., Ltd. and SKF (China) Sales Co., Ltd. successfully signed a rep service agreement

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2020 as flexible packaging materials are mainly high molecular polymers or their related materials, September 25, Shanghai Qingliang Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Qingliang) and SKF (China) Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SKF) successfully held the "long term operation service agreement for rotating equipment" (hereinafter referred to as rep service agreement) of household paper machine in Nanjing Guojin center Signing ceremony. The overall objective of this agreement is to improve the performance of the rotary equipment of the household paper machine and reduce the overall holding cost of the equipment for end users

Chen Kai, general manager of Shanghai Qingliang, first introduced the company's main business segments and their corresponding market shares, and then shared the company's current business segments and development and R & D direction in recent years. He said that since the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between Shanghai Qingliang and SKF in 2017, Shanghai Qingliang and SKF have maintained a very good cooperative relationship. Shanghai Qingliang hopes to combine SKF digital scheme with Qingliang digital platform through cooperation with SKF, and use data learning to achieve the goal of predicting the operation status of the paper machine and guaranteeing the performance of the paper machine, so as to bring more application value to end users and promote the rep cooperation model to more fields. In addition, general manager Chen Kai also introduced the "heavenly eye" intelligent equipment Butler system independently developed by Shanghai Qingliang, and said that the system will be introduced to the market in the fourth quarter of this year

an Bendao, SKF rep business development director, introduced in detail the rep cooperation project signed with Qingliang. SKF and Shanghai Qingliang jointly developed a set of "improving the performance of rotating equipment of household paper machine "With the help of advanced digital platform and machine learning system, combined with SKF's rich experience in the field of rotating equipment and Shanghai Qingliang's expertise in electrical instrumentation and technology, the innovative solution of" can carry out multi parameter and multi-dimensional real-time monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis of the running state of household paper machine, so as to improve the operating performance of rotating equipment, help end users improve quality and efficiency, and reduce the cost of paper per ton. With the development of household paper in the future The paper machine is developing towards large width and high speed. The SKF rotating equipment performance solution will play an important role in ensuring the reliable operation of the paper machine and improving the papermaking time

Founded in 1998, Shanghai Qingliang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a paper machinery and equipment company developing towards industrialization, automation and intelligence. It is bound to become the trend of the supply side reform of Chinese manufacturing. At present, the company has advanced processing and production equipment, professional project design and management team, which can provide users at home and abroad with various paper machine and mechanical equipment, electrical and electronic industry equipment, professional technical guidance and other services

Founded in 1907, SKF group is a world-renowned supplier of products, solutions and services in the fields of bearings, seals, lubrication systems and services. It has 103 production bases in the world and operates in 130 countries and regions

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