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Shanghai Telecom will invest 2billion yuan to build a first-class data center in the Asia Pacific region within five years

early morning news on May 19: Shanghai Telecom plans to invest 2billion yuan to build a 20000 rack scale data center platform during the "12th Five Year Plan" period to provide a reliable and transparent data center service environment, attract high-end enterprises to settle in Shanghai, and conduct communication convergence and transfer in combination with international line nodes, Help Shanghai become a data distribution center in the Asia Pacific region

the 2011 (4th) Annual Conference of Shanghai Communication Development with the theme of "communication and smart city" was grandly held at Shanghai Pudong global financial center from May 18 to 19. During the conference, Wang Siwei, senior manager and deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Telecom, introduced the project plan in detail

the Shanghai municipal Party committee and government have taken the construction of a smart city as an important strategic measure to promote the development of Shanghai during the 12th Five Year Plan, bringing new opportunities for information infrastructure construction and application innovation. In order to support the construction of smart cities, Shanghai Telecom has carefully formulated the "12th Five Year" information plan, and clearly put forward two major goals: "building an internationally competitive information infrastructure" and "building an internationally competitive information service capacity"

like urban light and wireless cities, the Asia Pacific information hub platform is also a major project of Shanghai telecom smart's new production line, which will realize the construction of urban information infrastructure with one feeding and one discharging

at present, Shanghai Telecom has 38 star standard data centers centered on the three parks of information Park, Zhenru and Waigaoqiao. In the next three years, however, the demonstrations that spread across the country cannot be ignored after all. In five years, the operator plans to center on the East (Information Park), South (Qibao), West (Zhenru) and North (Liuxing), radiate Shanghai regionally, increase the number of General Administration rooms to more than 50 (with an annual increase of more than 1, and check that the dust cover should be intact by 0%) and connect the whole city. The new computer rooms are built according to the standard of four stars or above, Provide sufficient resources for the construction of the four centers in Shanghai

according to Wang Siwei, the specific promotion work of Shanghai Telecom includes: integrating and merging the existing more than 20 IDC rooms to achieve large-scale operation in different regions; Carry out social co construction and rapidly deploy idc/dc rack resources; In response to the cloud sea plan, build a cloud computing service platform to provide IAAs, PAAS, SaaS and other services; Set up industry-specific computer rooms to support the development of key Internet industries in Shanghai

senior manager and deputy general manager of Shanghai Telecom shall do a good job in the metrological verification and calibration of relevant medical equipment of epidemic prevention and control medical institutions; Strengthen the technical service engineer of medical equipment enterprises related to epidemic prevention and control, Wang Siwei, c114 China Communications

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