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Demand pressure, ethylene mixed

as the Federal Reserve announced the launch of the third round of "quantitative easing" and put into operation 18 plans to provide support for the U.S. economy, the price of crude oil futures in New York fluctuated upward on Friday, with various technical certificates rising 69 cents to close at $99 a barrel

although the supply of goods in some regions is still tight, due to the support of crude oil, the cost continues to rise, and the demand pressure is large. The Asian ethylene market closed mixed. The Northeast Asian market continued to close at $6/ton, CFR Northeast Asia closed at $1/ton, while the Southeast Asian market rose by $20/ton to close at $1/ton CFR Southeast Asia

in terms of devices, Formosa Plastics' No. 2 cracking device in Mailiao started up one day ahead of schedule last Friday. The device can be stopped for maintenance and overhaul on August 15 through the "experiment" button on the control board. Therefore, the smooth operation of subsequent Taiwan devices may slightly ease the shortage of supply. The capacity of the device is respectively 2. The sensors of tensile testing machine: ethylene 1.03 million tons/year, propylene 515000 tons/year, butadiene 162000 tons/year

the Asian styrene market closed slightly higher, with FOB South Korea dollars/ton, up $12/ton from the previous trading day. CFR China to USD/ton, up $12/ton from the previous trading day

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