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The UK will build the world's largest floating offshore wind farm

the UK will build the world's largest floating offshore wind farm

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the Scottish government announced on the 2nd that it has approved an early-stage project to build a floating offshore wind farm on the northeast coast of Scotland, which will be the largest of its kind in the world after completion

the announcement said that the wind power installation and experimental material field will include five floating wind turbines, and the overall power generation capacity will reach 135 gigawatt hours per year after completion. This project is led by Statoil

compared with the traditional offshore, there will still be brittle or unstable toughness. No, these 10 things are changing the polymer new material industry! Similarly, the floating wind turbine does not need to be erected after piling on the seabed, but is built on the floating platform structure and fixed on the seabed by the anchoring system. They will be connected by cables, and finally the generated power will be transmitted to land power through an output cable. One advantage of this is that wind turbines are no longer limited by the water depth of the sea, and the deployment flexibility is greater

Scottish government officials expressed the hope that this project can further promote the innovation of power generation technology, and use this floating wind power technology to develop wind resources in deep water

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