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Britain strives to be the "world's best" in Artificial Intelligence Abstract: AI is experiencing a rapid development stage in recent years, and applications have penetrated into all fields of zero adjustment. AI enables computers to analyze and learn information more accurately and faster than humans. From drug discovery to logic, almost all industrial departments have greatly improved their efficiency and ability due to AI. AI software can. 6. Universal material testing machine has many different fixing screws that are integrated into the existing process, improving and scaling the process, and greatly reducing costs

on October 15, the British government released an in-depth report on the development potential of artificial intelligence (AI), which puts forward comprehensive suggestions on how to maximize the development of this revolutionary technology in the UK. This report, entitled "developing the British artificial intelligence industry", was jointly written by the UK Ministry of digital, culture, media and sports and the Ministry of Commerce, energy and industrial strategy, and invited famous computer scientists Dame Wendy hall and Jerome pesenti to write

ai is experiencing a rapid development stage in recent years, and its application has penetrated into various fields. AI enables computers to analyze and learn information more accurately and faster than human beings. From drug discovery to logic, almost all industrial departments have greatly improved their efficiency and ability due to AI. AI software can be integrated into existing processes, improve and scale the processes, and greatly reduce costs. The report estimates that by 2035, AI will bring us $814billion in output value to the UK economy, and its annual output value will increase from the current 2.5% to 3.9% of GDP

the report suggests that the UK government should increase investment in AI research and development, strengthen the management and sharing of big data, and train more AI talents to ensure that the UK ranks among the world leaders in the field of AI

strive to maintain a leading position

the report believes that the UK has taken the lead in the field of AI and is in the leading position in the world, but the international competition is fierce, and the government must take action to ensure this position, and even turn the UK into the "world's best" in the research, development and application of AI technology

Alan Turing, the father of AI and computer, comes from Britain, which is the birthplace of AI. Needless to say, over the years, a unique mechanism has been formed for ai r & D investment. The British Engineering and physical sciences Commission (EPSRC) has allocated research and development funds for 143 scientific projects, with the purpose of developing intelligent technologies and systems. Its interdisciplinary research system helps AI tools and technologies. Sandvik materials technology has a number of international advanced research and development centers and factories around the world to meet ethical and Application needs

in 2015, EPSRC, together with five famous British universities, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, Warwick and University College London, invested US $42million to establish Alan Turing Institute to study the application of AI in national defense security, health, computing technology, data center engineering, finance and smart cities, and help train a new generation of data scientists. In addition, the UK has also established the Alan data research group, the open data Institute, the national data innovation center and the Royal Statistical Association Data Science Division, making breakthroughs in some key research areas of AI

it is said that between 2011 and 2015, the UK published 10000 scientific papers in the field of AI, ranking fourth behind China, the United States and Japan. Therefore, the UK needs to further strengthen its investment and improve its competitiveness. The report suggests that the UK should turn the Alan Turing institute into a National Institute to carry out in-depth research on AI and data science; Universities should speed up the transformation of AI intellectual property rights; Strengthen the cooperation of various institutions and improve AI computing capacity

improve the openness of data

the development of AI, in addition to algorithms, the most important thing is the data source. The report believes that the UK must also increase data openness to make it easier for researchers to obtain relevant data from various industries

although the open data Institute established in 2012 has a global data network, and the data of hundreds of enterprises such as banking, agriculture and sports can be publicly obtained in the Institute, this is far from enough. More enterprises need to participate and share data with AI R & D personnel. In addition, these data need to be converted into a standard format that can be recognized by the machine for easier sharing

however, because of privacy, security, commercial interests and other factors, a large amount of data cannot be made public, which hinders scientists from developing high-value new AI applications for these industries. In order to promote the sharing of these sensitive data, the report proposes to establish a complete trust mechanism to ensure the confidentiality needs of data providers. The report believes that the government formulates data trust procedures and designs framework processes and agreement contents, which not only ensure the security of data exchange, but also meet the needs of AI developers and data providers

increase investment in AI education

technology development is inseparable from talents, as is AI research and development. The report believes that AI skill experts are in great shortage in the UK at present. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate senior talents and lower level practical technical talents

the report suggests that enterprises should invest more in establishing the training procedures for AI undergraduate talents; Encourage existing undergraduate talents to continue their further study, and cultivate talents other than computer and data science when the pendulum lifting angle remains unchanged into graduate students in the field of AI through one-year study. For example, undergraduate students majoring in biomedicine can concentrate on studying ai r & D technology and focus on the research and development of medical related AI applications through one-year study; Attract graduate students with different academic backgrounds to study in famous universities, and cultivate a large number of doctoral and postdoctoral talents for the AI field; Carry out network course teaching and cultivate technical labor talents for AI; Turing AI partners are set up under Alan Turing Institute to attract the best AI talents in the world and invest huge sums of money to make them devote themselves to research in the UK

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