Ethylene glycol market showed a strong upward tren

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Affected by ethylene, the ethylene glycol market showed a strong upward trend

the bending and tensile test introduction field of ethylene glycol hydraulic universal testing machine showed a strong upward trend last week. Affected by the strong rise of ethylene, the inquiry of ethylene glycol market has increased significantly, and most sellers are reluctant to sell. It is difficult to find goods in the market, making the price of ethylene glycol 4 Raise the mold temperature: the grid rushed up straightly, especially last Thursday, showing a jump situation. At the beginning of last week, the individual inquiry of ethylene glycol was $970 ~ 975 (ton price, the same below), and the actual negotiation price was $975 ~ 980. It is said that a transaction was at the level of $1060 at the end of last week; At the beginning of last week, the intention of buyers was generally 8100 yuan, and the actual negotiation price was 8150 ~ 8200 yuan. However, at the end of last week, the mainstream negotiation price in the market has jumped to 8650 ~ 8700 yuan. Within a week, the increase of ethylene glycol in the outer and inner markets reached $75 and 500 yuan respectively

ethylene got rid of the shackles of crude oil under the support of tight spot supply and the strength of downstream polyethylene and other markets, which was surprisingly strong. Due to the tight market supply caused by the recent shutdown of devices in Saudi Arabia and Iran, CFR Southeast Asia ethylene closed at $1400 ~ 1410. The strong rise of ethylene gives strong support and rising expectations to the ethylene glycol market

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