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Uibot million bonus RPA robot development competition is hot

on October 15, the national high-end RPA robot development competition - "uibot million bonus RPA robot development competition", hosted by laiye technology, a leader in the domestic rpa+ai field, officially opened

the competition attracts comprehensive inspection of quality! Many RPA developers and demanders from all over the country came to attend. On the first day of registration, the number of participants has exceeded 100. At present, the registration is still in progress

this competition aims to gather excellent RPA development and design talents from across the country with an open attitude, strict judgment and rich rewards, build a broad exchange and exhibition platform for Chinese RPA developers and demanders, promote domestic RPA technological innovation, talent training and commercial landing, and comprehensively promote the construction of RPA ecology in China. This taxi adopts the "ultra-fine drainage hull situation (udh)" and development, Bring real value to customers and industries

the jury members of the competition are: Wang Guanchun, chairman and CEO of laiye technology, Li Wei, CO CEO and President of laiye technology and founder of key wizard, Hu Yichuan, co-founder and CTO of laiye technology, Chu Rui, senior vice president and founder of key Wizard of laiye technology

the reward of one million cash, the platform promotion resources worth 100000 yuan, and the settlement qualification of 100% half a year...

the heavyweight evaluation and reward are enough to see the sincerity and gold content of this competition

a grand event in China's RPA industry

as a grand event in China's RPA industry, the uibot million bonus RPA robot development competition is a drill ground for RPA technological innovation and a big arena to highlight RPA's development strength. The design of the competition is based on the maturity of domestic RPA technology and the popularity of the market, and closely focuses on the reserve of RPA development talents and the commercial landing of RPA

with this competition, laiye technology will pay more attention to the application needs, commercial implementation and industrial promotion of RPA robots in various industries, and effectively solve the difficulties and pain points of RPA industry implementation; Further deepen RPA technology innovation, education and training, qualification certification and other fields, improve the ecological construction of RPA developers, and comprehensively transmit the RPA concept to more users; Continue to cultivate and deliver high-quality talents for the domestic RPA robot industry, and help every enterprise realize human-machine collaboration in the intelligent era

let robots help everyone

"let robots help everyone" is the mission of laiye technology

at present, the threshold of RPA commercial landing is still high, and the lack of RPA development talents and the cost of deployment and implementation are still the key factors that hinder the landing of RPA

to accelerate the landing of RPA industry and make RPA benefit all walks of life, the core problem is that it must be in the RPA development ecosystem. The range of electronic 10000 pull force in people's mind is 100 Newton, which is enough to form a complete closed-loop system at a high level of failure rate. Through this system, all walks of life will gain the RPA ability to quickly integrate with existing business systems, while significantly reducing the time, labor, technology and other costs of intelligent upgrading of traditional enterprises, and accelerating the implementation of RPA

uibot million bonus RPA robot development competition is to build a communication platform between domestic RPA developers and demanders to promote the realization of RPA ecological closed loop

for RPA developers, the competition provides excellent RPA basic resources, strong promotion platform support, and rich bonus rewards for developers. It aims to reduce the threshold of developers, stimulate developers' enthusiasm, release developers' abilities, and improve developers' skills. Thus, more people become the developers of RPA robots

for RPA demanders, the good ecosystem built by the competition will attract a large number of RPA developers, effectively connect the application needs of enterprises and individuals, improve the conversion rate of achievements, and reduce the R & D cost and cycle

finally, developers and demanders will take what they need in this ecological closed loop. All partners in the ecosystem will achieve win-win results

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