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UHV Guangzhou Bureau UAV completed multiple rounds of rainfall special patrol mission

UHV Company Guangzhou Bureau transmission UAV team effectively completed multiple rounds of rainfall, so the special patrol mission

China Power News correspondent Fang Bo reported that in early September, the Pearl River Delta region was hit by multiple rounds of rainstorms, Huizhou, Dongguan and Qingyuan were seriously affected, and geological disasters were frequent. On September 3, the Guangzhou power transmission station of EHV company immediately launched an emergency plan, and the monitoring center determined the severely affected areas in combination with the daily rainfall monitoring in the early stage; The UAV team in the operation center of the oil delivery valve and oil return valve of the special hydraulic universal experimental machine was ordered to set out immediately and organize the investment of 8 UAVs in 8 vehicles, 8 groups, and a total of 888 poles and towers, including Xindong DC, the East grounding electrode, Xing'an DC, and Congbo Jiaxing line, which are the key lines affected by the rainstorm

increase investment in scientific research and innovation. As of September 10, the transmission Institute of Guangzhou Bureau had invested 216 trains, 3285 minutes in flight, 225 sorties, and actually completed 875 pole tower special patrol, with a completion rate of 98.5%. The remaining 13 pole towers of Xing'an DC affected by rain were evaluated to have no landslide impact, and it is planned to carry out combined with the recent manual patrol. This round of unmanned aerial vehicle special patrol is mainly aimed at the hidden danger of tower foundation landslide and foreign matters on the tower. At the same time, the body defects are checked. It is found that the rain washed construction spoil is serious, and 7 towers and 18 insulators have exploded

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