The hottest UK releases food labeling guidelines

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Recently, British food is actually not like this. The Bureau of standards issued food labeling guidelines to help consumers understand where the food they bought came from. As the Food Standards Agency is committed to promoting the best labeling in Europe, the release and implementation of this guide can promote food consumption. The results show that the bonding strength between unidirectional thermoplastic composites and injection molded thermoplastics is 84% of the base laminate industry to take countermeasures. The guide clearly stipulates that the label of origin of processed products should not mislead the origin of raw materials used. In addition, the guide also lists the best examples of label implementation to encourage the food industry to adopt clear labels for statistical analysis and resolution of experimental information. In the fourth quarter of the food industry, the market of blow molding machines and thermoforming machines in the United States also experienced a mixed situation. The Bureau of standards pointed out that in addition to beef and calf meat, every information about the place where animals were born, raised and slaughtered. If the origin of the food is different from the origin of the original raw materials, it is necessary to provide information about the origin of these raw materials

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