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Relying on UHV technology, it is becoming the consensus of some industry insiders to change the energy transmission mode dominated by coal transportation to power transmission and coal transportation, speed up the approval progress of relevant departments, and build the power highway of the National Union

in the next few years, with the economic development, the contradiction between power supply and demand in Shandong and other coastal areas will become increasingly severe. Li Xueliang, director of the early stage Department of the development planning department of Guodian Shandong electric power group company, said

relevant people believe that China is in an important period of deepening industrialization and urbanization. With the development of economy and society, power demand will maintain a rapid growth trend. It is expected that by 2020, China's power demand will reach 7 7 trillion kwh, and the installed power generation capacity will exceed 1.65 billion kw. The existing power development mode with 500 kV as the main frame cannot meet the requirements of economic and social development for power supply

therefore, we should speed up the development of UHV power, rely on large energy bases, build UHV power composed of 1000 kV AC and 800 kV DC, form a power broadband network, and promote large coal power, large hydropower, large nuclear power, and large renewable energy experimental methods: the intensive development of bases to achieve large-scale, long-distance, and efficient transmission of power is to build a stable, economic, clean A safe energy supply system is an important way

Hu Zhaoguang, vice president of the National Energy Research Institute, said that electrification is the inevitable trend of world economic development, and China's economy will continue to develop rapidly in the next few decades. At present, the state should plan ahead, speed up the promotion of the strategy of introducing foreign power, speed up the approval progress of foreign power projects introduced by relevant departments and links, and change the mode of energy transmission from coal transportation to power transmission and coal transmission

it is understood that Germany has begun to establish wind farms at sea, and some European countries have also established solar and wind power plants in North Africa to supply their own countries through long-distance transmission. China's UHV technology has achieved practicality, and its technical level ranks first in the world. We should take this advantage to vigorously develop the foreign power strategy. Said Hu Zhaoguang

Yang lieluan, director of the development planning department of Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation, believes that in the long run, building UHV power and vigorously implementing the strategy of foreign power into Shandong are not just a matter of Shandong Province. The development mode of China's power industry should accelerate the transformation, and we should no longer follow the idea of simply increasing railway capacity and dredging energy, but should put the UHV construction of the National Union on the agenda as soon as possible

Yang lieluan said that if China establishes a nationwide high-speed energy transmission channel, electricity can be as developed as high-speed railways and highways. Changing the simple coal transportation to power transmission will greatly reduce the links of electricity and coal transportation, reduce the cost of energy transmission, and resolve the vicious cycle problem of coal, electricity and oil transportation, so as to ensure the energy bottleneck of economic development in some regions and maintain sustained and rapid economic development

it is understood that more and more people in the industry tend to believe that UHV power should be built, and an electric highway for energy transmission should be built, so that power transmission becomes the sixth transportation mode after highway, railway, waterway, aviation and pipeline transportation, and the energy transportation mode of power transmission should be given priority to, so as to reduce the environmental pollution of coal development and transportation. According to the estimates of relevant people, if the construction of strong smart power is successfully promoted, it is optimistic that by 2020, the proportion of coal transmission and transmission in Shanxi, Shaanxi and West Inner Mongolia, where coal is concentrated, is expected to reach 4:1

UHV transmission technology should also be promoted to further form economies of scale. Yang lieluan said that just because there is only one UHV AC transmission line officially operated in China at present and it is not large-scale, some people in the industry cannot form a comprehensive and full understanding of the advantages of UHV transmission, and this situation should be changed as soon as possible

many insiders also suggested that the relevant national departments should further speed up the construction of UHV transmission on the basis of full research and demonstration of cost and quality. UHV transmission project has many investments, large quantities, wide departments involved and complex procedures. According to the understanding that the processing technology has reached the leading level in the industry, the construction of an UHV transmission line requires the power department to make preliminary preparations and planning, entrust intermediary organizations to carry out environmental assessment and other work, and then submit the application for consent to carry out preliminary work to the relevant departments. After the relevant departments agree to carry out the preliminary work, they also need the environmental protection, land and resources, water conservancy, planning and abandonment of low-end redundant construction plans, housing and other departments to examine and approve the environmental assessment, water and soil conservation, land acquisition and other relevant reports, and then the final approval of the relevant departments can be officially started

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