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China's UHV technology is the first to go abroad

China's world leading UHV transmission technology will go abroad for the first time. On the 13th, China National Electric Corporation and Brazil National Electric Corporation signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing, announcing that they will use China's UHV DC transmission technology to build the transmission project of Brazil's meilishan hydropower station. This electric highway will help Brazil send hydropower from the northern Amazon River to developed areas thousands of kilometers away

Shu Yinbiao, deputy general manager of State Grid Corporation of China based on laboratory test results, told that China and Brazil have similarities in power development, and Brazil's power demand has also maintained a rapid growth. Large hydropower stations on the Amazon River are being developed to send power to the power load centers in the South and southeast, with a distance of 800 to 3000 kilometers. China's UHV long-distance transmission technology is needed

he revealed that the hydropower transmission scheme using China's positive and negative 800 kV HVDC transmission technology has been reported to the Brazilian Ministry of mines and energy as the preferred scheme. After approval, the two companies will establish a joint venture to invest, construct and operate the transmission project

Brazilian Minister of mining and energy Luo bang, who accompanied Brazilian president Rousseff on his visit to China, attended the signing ceremony. He said: the large-scale and long-distance transmission of hydropower requires the use of UHV technology. At present, China National Electric Corporation is at the world leading level in the development of UHV and smart electricity. Therefore, China National Electric Corporation is sincerely invited to participate in the cooperation in Brazil's power transmission field

Brazil meilishan hydropower station is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2015, with a total installed capacity of about 11million kW. It is the third largest hydropower station in the world after China's Three Gorges hydropower station and Brazil's Itaipu hydropower station, according to the different uses of water pressure testing machines. In the past five years, China has fully mastered the core technology of UHV transmission and the manufacturing capacity of a full set of equipment, and has successively built and put into operation three UHV AC and DC transmission lines that can realize large-scale, long-distance and low-temperature power transmission

according to the memorandum of understanding on cooperation signed by the two sides, the two companies will carry out extensive cooperation in the field of electricity in Brazil and South America, including the cooperative development of large and medium-sized hydropower stations, pumped storage power stations, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) coal-fired power stations and their transmission projects; Joint investment and merger and acquisition of transmission projects; Joint development of renewable energy projects including wind, solar, biomass and garbage power stations; In power planning, design and construction 3, experimental machine accessories: design, operation and maintenance, especially cooperation training, technical exchange and talent exchange in fields of common interest such as ultra-high voltage transmission and other unconventional transmission technologies, smart electricity and related technologies, electric vehicles and so on

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