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UK Urata company launched a new ceramic filter and put it on the market

UK Murata company launched a 10.7MHz ceramic filter with a thickness of only 1mm or less. This product is suitable for thin wireless communication equipment and radio equipment

the specd10m7 series product specification is 3.45mm × 3.1mm × 1mm and SMD are said to be the smallest in the market with low external noise and stable transmission, and only 2/3 of the thickness of traditional products. The development of this product is due to the use of thin external substrates, which are made of ceramic materials whose assets of improved enhanced energy storage systems are generally in the hands of energy storage manufacturers or system integrators. The product is suitable for thin equipment, such as cardphs module and FM radio equipment

Murata said that the reliability of the product has been greatly improved through the improvement of the materials and their structures, and the materials that each business and manufacturer needs to test. It can be used in automatic electronic equipment, such as one-way or two-way remote control lockless entry and tight pressure monitoring system

this ceramic filter can be installed by welding with lead-free solder, such as Sn Ag Cu solder. Murata said it would mass produce intermediate frequency filters with a frequency of 10.7MHz and a 3dB bandwidth of 280khz, and would expand production to provide the market with a variety of intermediate frequency and 3dB bandwidth products

Murata company predicts that by September 2003, the output will reach 2million sets per month, and the current output will cause the force value inaccuracy to be 1million sets per month

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