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Britain announced plans to have drone colonies in 2022

the current question is not whether drone colonies are feasible, but when. Drones are touted as labor-saving equipment, but currently in service remote-control drones rarely match this statement, and each aircraft still needs at least one pilot. Gavin Williamson, the British Secretary of defense, announced in a speech at the Royal United Services Institute on February 11 that the UK was preparing to develop and deploy drone colonies by the end of 2019

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if this is true, it will be an important event in the field of military drones. Based on autonomous software, drone hives can communicate with each other autonomously or under human supervision, which will bring important changes to the field of drones, that is, only a small amount of supervision is required during flight, and they can perform most tasks by themselves. At present, drone swarms are mainly used in the entertainment field, but armies all over the world are very interested in drone swarms

for many years, the Pentagon type III sample is only suitable for measuring the tensile strength of molded chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics and directly testing drone colonies, such as the grey partridge drone colony in 2017 and the grasshopper drone colony in the navy in 2016. Earlier this year, the US Department of defense and the UK Department of Defense announced a joint competition to develop drone swarm technology for autonomous flight and wildfire mapping. But this is only the beginning of the long drone swarm development project

so what type of colony does Williamson suggest Britain deploy? Let's take a look at the complete quotation

Williamson said in his speech: moreover, in order to supplement the leading technology of the F-35, I decided to use the conversion fund to develop a drone swarm squadron that can disrupt and overwhelm the enemy's air defense. We look forward to deploying these equipment by the end of this year

this doesn't sound like an independent drone swarm that complements the flyme coloration system, but an unmanned wingman designed to fly with an aircraft. The UAV closest to this assumption is the aircraft manufactured by Kratos, an American aircraft manufacturer, including a drone target suitable for combat roles and a specially designed combat UAV. UAVs like Kratos may be the easiest way to deploy bees, and it is also the most likely way to accompany the F-35 to perform tasks after entering the experimental interface

as for the timetable, the Ministry of defense clarified to the British Defense journal that although the Royal Air Force will develop this concept this year, But it will be for him to find suppliers and solve the technical problems of drones themselves. "If you want to improve fuel efficiency, it will be a three-year process.

although considering the obstacles encountered by other countries in the concept and deployment of swarm drones, Britain may still be the first country to do so, but it is highly unlikely to happen at any time before 2022. (Yuan Cheng, China Development Research Center)

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