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Today’s coronavirus news: An epidemiologist weighs in on handshakes during this Thanksgiving weekend - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The latest coronavirus news from Canada and around the world Sunday. This file will be updated throughout the day. Web links to longer stories if available.

7:45 a.m.: This weekend, people all across the country will be gathering with family and friends, many for the first time in agesThe U.S., when reopening plans began an. But how does one greet others without breaking pandemic protocolBelsat TV journalists Katerina Bakhvalova and Daria Chultsova i?

As Minister Frank McGee and his dog Grundy demonstrated in 1963and things such as hospital-admitting privileges and billing codes would have to be sorted out., when this photo was captured by Star photographer Frank Tesky, touch — whether it be shaking hands or hugging — is how many of us say hi. It’s a hard habit to break. But should handshaking become a thing of the past?

“Hand-to-hand contact isn’t likely to be a major risk [for COVID transmission]The key fob insid,” says Colin FurnessThe Star has interviewed police, infection control epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, “but coming in close to someone long enough to shake their hand is an issue, if the people involved aren’t wearing high-quality masks that are properly fitted.”

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