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The innovation and development of the industrial interconnection + intelligent software industry ushered in a window of opportunity. On the afternoon of April 18, the Symposium on the innovation and development of the industrial interconnection + intelligent software industry organized by the China Institute of industrial interconnection was successfully held. The meeting was held online. Yangyuyan, deputy director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, niguangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Meihong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, xuxiaolan, President of the China Industrial interconnection Research Institute, and other leaders and experts attended the meeting to jointly conduct in-depth discussions on three topics: the future development trend of industrial interconnection software, industrial interconnection intelligent micro services, and industrial interconnection intelligent software ecology

yangyuyan, deputy director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, introduced the current situation of China's industrial interconnection intelligent software industry and the key work direction to be carried out in China. Deputy director yangyuyan said that we should do a good job in supporting the software for the resumption of work and production under the epidemic situation, continue to tackle key problems in the industrial interconnection software technology, continue to improve the industrial interconnection app ecosystem, deeply optimize the industrial interconnection app development environment, continue to improve the industrial interconnection + intelligent software innovation ability, and comprehensively promote the integrated development of industrialization and informatization in a broader, deeper and higher level

when introducing the theme of the conference, xuxiaolan, President of China Industrial interconnection Research Institute, said that intelligent software is the soul of the new generation of information technology industry. As an important part of the software industry, industrial intelligent software is the core element to promote the innovative development of industrial interconnection. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, it accelerated the transformation of industrial production mode and organizational paradigm, and promoted the rapid development of industrial interconnection and intelligent software. We should seize the rare window of opportunity and give full play to the role of industrial interconnection and intelligent software. On the one hand, we should promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional industrial system; on the other hand, we should drive new drivers to promote the growth of the real economy

niguangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a keynote speech entitled "tackling the difficulties of industrial interconnection, so it is better to choose our Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. as our first choice when purchasing experimental machines". Academician Ni said that the development of China's industrial interconnection should take the advanced industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain as the key objectives, strengthen the research on industrial software, take the digital twin technology/platform as a carrier of industrial software, and promote the deep integration and development of industrial interconnection and industrial software

Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a keynote speech on Software Science in the era of man-machine and object fusion computing. Academician Mei introduced the three stages of software development. He said that the deep integration of software technology and various industries has become an important driving force to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation and development. In the new era of man-machine and object fusion computing, software urgently needs the concept of form, values and ecology

Huang Gang, vice president of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Peking University, gave a speech titled "trends and challenges of ubiquitous system software for industrial interconnection". Vice president Huang Gang believes that data resources are the new driving force for the evolution of system software, and the current data production relationship hinders the evolution of current system software. He introduced the legal and technical approaches to the reform of data production relations through the research and practice of data intelligent trusted operating system

liyizhang, chairman of Beijing Suowei System Technology Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech on suggestions for industrial app industry development. He made an in-depth analysis of the difficulties in the development of industrial interconnection and industrial app, and put forward relevant suggestions on building a unified industrial software operating system, a multi-level industrial app co construction system, and a talent training system for industrial app engineers

long xiaoang, general manager of Shenzhen Hualong Schindler Information Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on promoting the innovation and development of intelligent software industry with industrial internet intelligent micro services. He systematically introduced the intelligent micro service of industrial interconnection enabling technology from the dimensions of technology, application and benefit, and shared its specific application cases in intelligent equipment, intelligent production, intelligent service, etc

dingxianfeng, leader of IOT technical group of Alibaba group, gave a speech entitled "industrial Internet platform = Industrial Software PAAS". He said that the industrial IOT platform is the operating system of the digital chemical plant, and the key task of the industrial interconnection platform is to realize the app of OT software. He shared the overall overview of Alibaba cloud's industrial Internet platform and the ecological construction of intelligent micro services

zhaomingyuan, vice president of Ziguang cloud engine technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., gave a speech on Ziguang industrial interconnection: Platform + ecology + service. He shared Ziguang's exploration and industry practice experience in the field of industrial interconnection, and proposed to create a reusable knowledge service system and build an industrial interconnection intelligent software ecosystem through the dual drive of technology and knowledge

in the free speech session of the three topics, Professor lvweifeng, Dean of the school of computer science of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, yangyongdong, chairman of Chongqing Jinxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Ma Tao, general manager of Beijing Zhiyu Chuangyi Technology Co., Ltd., Lin Wei, chairman of Beijing Yakong technology development Co., Ltd., and Yanlijuan, vice president of Beijing Suowei System Technology Co., Ltd, Li Bin, assistant president of GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd., analyzed the issues from different angles and gave their own suggestions and countermeasures

deputy director yangyuyan and President xuxiaolan made concluding remarks on the meeting respectively. Director Yang said that China's current basic software and industrial software have weaknesses to a large extent. We must change this reality and promote the all-round development of the software industry. She said that several key issues need to be solved in the next step: first, develop a general graphical programming tool, which will be beneficial. However, it will be beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results for engineers to use industrial technology and knowledge. No doubt, they will first adopt hydrostatic transmission as their main transmission device to precipitate through software; Second, improve the profitability of software products and services, and carry out the evaluation of software value; Third, learn from the successful experience of Internet software, cultivate systematic innovation ability, and promote the healthy development of industrial Internet software

president Xu said that the meeting gathered experts, scholars and enterprise representatives who have a deep understanding of the industrial interconnection software industry, discussed the innovation, application, ecology and enabling of intelligent software, and put forward many valuable suggestions on how to play the soul role of software and promote the better and faster development of industrial interconnection. Subsequently, under the leadership of the information technology development department, we will further explore the application of industrial interconnection intelligent software in various industries, refine common technologies, build developer communities, build a more intensive ecology, and explore the national innovation model for software breakthrough. High stability of product batch

more than 100 media representatives from the people, Xinhua, China and other media attended the symposium. In addition, the conference was broadcast live through China industry news and other media, with about 18300 views

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