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The development momentum of industrial interconnection is good. Zhang Feng's four suggestions help the next step of development.

at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are in-depth development. Accelerating industrial digitalization and developing digital economy have become the future development direction of the world. As the product and important carrier of the integration and innovation of the new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing industry, industrial interconnection will realize the comprehensive link of all elements, the whole industry chain and the whole value chain through the ubiquitous interconnection of people, machines and things, drive the manufacturing industry to accelerate the transformation to Digitalization, networking and intelligence, promote the innovation of business model, industrial optimization and upgrading and the overall leap of productivity, and continuously inject new momentum into the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

the fundamental and strategic role of industrial interconnection in strengthening digital infrastructure and capacity building and releasing the growth potential of digital economy has become a global consensus. Major industrial countries have strengthened their strategic layout. At present, the development of global industrial interconnection has accelerated, and the development capacity has been greatly improved. New network technologies have begun to be explored and applied to industrial scenarios. The number of equipment connected to the industrial interconnection platform and various solutions deployed have made great progress, and the scope of application has been extended to most industrial fields

recently, at the 2018 industrial interconnection conference, Zhang Feng, member of the Party group and chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, delivered a speech, comprehensively described the current development momentum of China's industrial interconnection, and gave four suggestions for the next step of industrial interconnection

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the innovative development of China's industrial interconnection. Since the State Council issued and implemented the guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry to develop industrial interconnection, the development of China's industrial interconnection has shown a good momentum

this is also an important factor for the company to take the lead in the industry.

first, the policy system is increasingly improved. At the national level, a policy system of top-level design + action plan + implementation guidelines has been established. At the local level, 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Fujian, have issued implementation plans for local industrial interconnection. Second, Industrial Synergy develops in depth. The development of the three systems of network, platform and security has been accelerated, the upgrading and transformation of internal and external networks of enterprises has been steadily promoted, and the construction of public service nodes for identification analysis has made positive progress; The construction of multi-level platform system has been accelerated, and there are more than 50 domestic platforms with certain industry and regional influence; The construction of safety protection capacity has been continuously promoted, and the industrial interconnection safety monitoring platform has been preliminarily completed, forming the capability of safety risk monitoring and discovery, early warning notification and disposal support. Third, integration, application and innovation are active. A large number of new modes and formats of integrated application have emerged in industries such as steel, aerospace, machinery, automobile, electronics and household appliances. The formation of industrial ecology has been accelerated. The number of members of the industrial interconnection industry alliance has reached 834. The linkage between industry, University and research and cross domain collaboration have been deepened day by day. Exchanges and cooperation with major international industrial interconnection promotion organizations have also been strengthened. He went further

on the whole, China's industrial interconnection has made a good start and has a promising future. As a major manufacturing and Internet industry province, Guangdong has thoroughly implemented the requirements of the central government, taken the lead in issuing local support policies for industrial interconnection, supported enterprises in building, launching and using platforms, continuously deepened the construction of industrial interconnection benchmarking and application promotion, actively undertook the construction of national top nodes for identification analysis, and has taken the lead in promoting the development of industrial interconnection. It is hoped that in the future, Guangdong Province will further give play to its advantages in resource accumulation and industrial clusters, boldly explore and innovate, and better play a demonstration and leading role. Zhang Feng concluded

four suggestions for the development of industrial interconnection

in addition, Zhang Feng also put forward four suggestions for the next step of industrial interconnection: first, improve the technological industry capacity and consolidate the foundation for sustainable development. Technological innovation is the source of power and key support for industrial development. The next step is to continue to strengthen the R & D investment in basic common technologies such as intelligent perception, platform construction and data analysis, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as 5g, artificial intelligence and blockchain, accelerate the construction of a multi domain and multi-level industrial interconnection technology innovation system, and strive to drive the rapid development of the industry with the collective breakthrough of technology. At the same time, efforts have been made to cultivate a number of innovative products and solutions with international and domestic influence, expand industrial interconnection system integration, platform services, overall solutions and other capabilities and businesses, promote the construction of national top nodes and secondary nodes for identification analysis, and continuously improve the supply quality and efficiency of industrial interconnection

second, expand the application market and expand the space for integrated development. Driven by the demand for high-quality development, accelerate the transformation of relevant technical achievements, and continue to expand the application scope of new models and new formats. We will guide key manufacturing industries and fields to continue to increase investment in industrial interconnection applications, promote development through applications, and promote continuous iterative innovation, evolution and upgrading of industrial interconnection products and services

third, deepen multi-party coordination and continuously optimize the industrial ecology. We will guide all parties involved in industry, University, research and application to strengthen collaboration, deepen international and domestic cooperation, and rely on industrial alliances and other organizations to constantly expand cooperation fields, innovate cooperation models, enrich cooperation connotation, improve cooperation level, and accelerate the building of an integrated industrial ecological chain. At the same time, we should actively guide more social capital to invest in industrial interconnection, and create a benign and mutually promoting development environment between industry and financial capital

at the 2016 annual coal trading conference held in Ordos, the fourth was to build a strong safety barrier and promote the healthy growth of the industry. We will accelerate the improvement of the legal and regulatory system for the safety management of industrial interconnection, strengthen the main body of application enterprises, and guide them to increase safety investment. Increase support for industrial interconnection safety supply enterprises, and promote safety technology 5 gold tool torque detection equipment to have its unique product characteristics: Achievement Transformation and product service innovation. At the same time, accelerate the establishment of a multi-level technology prevention and control system to meet the needs of equipment, control, network, platform, data, etc., and some of these materials have proved their full value in mass production, so as to comprehensively improve the industrial security guarantee ability

Zhang Feng finally said that with the joint efforts of all walks of life, China has made important progress in promoting industrial interconnection, but there is still a gap between the overall development level of the industry and the need to support high-quality economic development. I hope you will firmly grasp the trend of the times of innovation and development, make scientific plans, actively act, and forge ahead with a higher position and the sense of urgency of seizing the day, so as to jointly create a new situation for the innovation and development of China's industrial interconnection

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