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Xiong'an new area is established for 8 days: the action investment scale of 31 central enterprises may reach trillions

xiong'an new area is established for 8 days: the action investment scale of 31 central enterprises may reach trillions

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according to the information on April 9 of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission official number "small state owned assets news", since the Chinese government decided to establish xiong'an new area, up to now, 31 central enterprises have formulated corresponding development plans in combination with their own business characteristics, Carry out forward-looking research and promote the construction and service of xiong'an new area

on April 9, Hebei published an exclusive interview with Xie Kechang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointing out that China should focus on the construction of xiong'an new area and inject new high-end industries into Hebei. He Lifeng, director of the national development and Reform Commission, also publicly said that xiong'an new area should reach the level of a world-class city in terms of planning. According to Beijing business daily 10, the industry pointed out that the investment scale of xiong'an may reach trillions of yuan in the future, and according to xiong'an's "high point positioning", central enterprises that make efforts in infrastructure construction, high-tech, new industries and other fields may receive initial dividends. In addition, many private enterprises are also ready to act on this major opportunity. Experts pointed out that as long as it can help the construction of the new area, whether it is central enterprises, state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, Have a chance to get a piece of it

On April 1, xiong'an new area was born. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council proposed that xiong'an new area should develop high-end high-tech industries. On April 4, he Lifeng explained that the planning of xiong'an new area should adhere to the world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and high-end positioning, and gather national talents. The digital display hydraulic electronic universal experimental machine is the latest R & D product to attract international talents

while the central government set the tone, the industry also expressed its position one after another. Xu Kuangdi, head of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development expert advisory committee and honorary chairman of the presidium of the Chinese Academy of engineering, publicly said that for xiong'an new area, it is necessary to cultivate and develop scientific and technological innovation enterprises and develop high-end high-tech industries. On April 9, Xie Kechang pointed out that we should take the construction of xiong'an New Area as the core, build a new city with high development positioning, strong public service capacity and excellent industrial structure, and inject new high-end industries into Hebei

"the construction of xiong'an new area is bound to drive the development of infrastructure construction, and the new area is positioned as a high-end area, and high-precision and cutting-edge industries will also become one of the hot spots of investment", Zhang Gui, executive deputy director of Beijing Tianjin Hebei research center of Hebei University of technology, told Beijing Business Daily that xiong'an new area will undertake the relocation of large-scale scientific research resources in the future, and may set up international laboratories or national bases, Some centrally deployed colleges and universities located in Beijing may also be relocated to xiong'an new area, but the current construction level of rail transit, road construction and commercial supporting facilities in the new area is not perfect, and these infrastructure construction may become the first blue ocean that investors find in xiong'an

On April 1, Xinhua News Agency announced that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council had issued a notice deciding to establish xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province. According to preliminary statistics, as of the afternoon of April 9, within eight days, there were China National Nuclear Corporation, aerospace science and technology, aerospace science and industry, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, China Electronics Technology Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Nanfang power, China Datang, China Huadian, China Guodian, China Three Gorges group, Shenhua Group, China Unicom, China Electronics, state machinery group, Chinalco, China Eastern Airlines, China Construction, State Investment Corporation, China energy conservation, COFCO China Merchants Group, China Minmetals (MCC), China Railway, China railway construction, China Communications Construction, Xinxing Jihua, China energy construction, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and other 31 central enterprises, such as the international organization for Standardization (ISO), the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the American Association for the advancement of medical instruments (AAMI) and the China National Standardization Administration Committee (SAC), said that "the construction of xiong'an new area is not absent, and resonates with the development policy"

it is understood that industrial entry is an important form for some enterprises to respond to the call for the construction of the new area. Some enterprises have investment projects or industrial layout in Hebei Province and even xiong'an new area, which have also become their first mover advantages in participating in the construction of the new area. HRC: the hardness obtained by 150kg load and diamond cone press

of which, CNNC has a total of 16 units in Hebei Province, covering uranium exploration and mining, nuclear fuel, nuclear power, nuclear technology application, new energy, medicine and other business areas, involving 12 projects

Xinxing Jihua Group proposed six measures to serve the construction of the new area, involving relying on cast pipe products, actively participating in underground pipe projects and urban comprehensive pipe gallery projects, and participating in the construction of sponge City pipe; Relying on emerging energy, actively participate in the resettlement of indigenous residents in the new area; Relying on the emergency industry, vigorously distribute the emergency industry and extend business in the new area

many central enterprises said that they would focus on the key tasks of the new area construction and participate in the construction in combination with their own business characteristics

as China Railway said, it will give full play to its leading advantages in eight aspects, including feasibility study planning, design supervision, investment and financing, underground engineering, urban rail transit, municipal construction, green building, intelligent city, and make contributions to the high standard construction of xiong'an new area

providing service support by giving full play to their own advantages has become an important form for most central enterprises to participate in the construction of the new area

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, China Huadian, China Datang, China Three Gorges group, Shenhua Group, China Guodian and other enterprises all expressed that they would give full play to their advantages in energy and contribute to the new area. Chinalco will accelerate the development of advanced materials and the pace of replacing steel with aluminum and saving wood with aluminum in urban construction, take the lead in transforming scientific and technological achievements in xiong'an new area, provide lightweight and corrosion-resistant high-tech aluminum materials for the construction of the new area, and implement the most environmentally friendly and advanced engineering technology

while the central enterprises have successively claimed to be the "pacesetter" in the construction of xiong'an, there are also rumors of the collective relocation of major central enterprises to xiong'an. In this regard, Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the National Bureau of statistics, said a few days ago that the rumors of central enterprises relocating to xiong'an new area cannot be believed. Some enterprises have stated that moving to xiong'an new area is an independent act of enterprises, and relevant plans need to be made in the future

in addition to the above-mentioned companies that do have companies and businesses in xiong'an, some listed companies are classified as "related". Shantui shares (7.180, -0.01, -0.14%) said that the company has offices and marketing service networks in Hebei, and the rapid development of regional economy will have a positive impact on the company's development in the region

the 100 billion private capital market is poised to take off

in addition to the "national prefix" investors, private capital is also one of the important participants in the construction of xiong'an new area. "In the future, the private capital of xiong'an new area may exceed 100 billion yuan or even trillion yuan", Chen Ji, director of the Institute of industrial economics of Capital University of economics and trade, told Beijing business daily. According to the current infrastructure situation of xiong'an new area, large-scale investment is essential. Attracting private capital can not only revitalize the market, but also stimulate the development of surrounding economies

Li Jin said that after the establishment of xiong'an new area, the intensive statements of central enterprises have indeed played a leading role, but it is also easy to give the illusion to private enterprises that the blue ocean of xiong'an new area has been occupied by central enterprises, the planned economy is surplus and the market regulation is insufficient. In fact, the development potential of xiong'an new area is huge, and the investable market is more than trillion yuan. Although central enterprises played the role of "leader" in the initial stage, the follow-up investment cannot be separated from the support of private enterprises

"only by giving all kinds of capital a stage to show their strength, can we generate sufficient competitiveness, so as to form an atmosphere of benign competition". Li Jin said that although the central enterprises have stronger capital and have advantages in infrastructure construction, the operation mode of private capital is more flexible and the service is more in place. In terms of health care, culture, tourism and so on, they can compete with the central enterprises in a staggered manner, and the fittest can be eliminated

list of statements of some central enterprises participating in the construction of xiong'an New Area


will focus on establishing a theme park Technology Research Institute in emerging businesses such as theme parks in the future


cultivate and develop high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, green emerging industry equipment and other emerging businesses with great growth potential in the future

Aerospace Science and industry

hopes to realize the intelligent management and operation of xiong'an New Area by using advanced information technology


actively plans in network security and informatization, smart city, urban security, smart energy, etc


continue to give play to the existing advantages of fund business and actively guide social capital investment in the construction of the new area

China Merchants Group provides financial support for the construction and development of chemicals, catalysts and natural resources businesses in xiong'an New Area by comprehensively using listing financing, PPP, securitization and other methods

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