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Xinyu electric power and steel enterprises implemented ultra-low emission transformation

Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province recently formulated and issued the 2019 air pollution prevention and control work plan, comprehensively carried out the special action of air pollution prevention and control, highlighted the work focus of "coal control, emission reduction, vehicle management, dust reduction, no burning, and oil smoke control", and ensured that the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in air quality in 2019 was controlled within 40 micrograms/cubic meter, and the proportion of good air days reached 92%, The air quality was further improved

according to the work plan, Xinyu will vigorously promote the implementation of ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired generating units to be made in the United States in the comprehensive treatment of coal-fired pollution, and complete the ultra-low emission transformation or phase out shutdown of Datang Xindian 1 and 2 units and Guodian 8 and 9 units by the end of the year

at the same time, Xinyu will also vigorously promote the ultra-low emission transformation of iron and steel enterprises, upgrade and transform the waste gas emission facilities of Xinyu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., complete the ultra-low emission projects of 6 #, 7 #, 8 # sintering machine tail and 360 square meters sintering machine batching, whole grain and finished product particles, and complete the ultra-low emission transformation projects of converter particles and pellet rotary kiln particles and finished product dust removal particles in 2019; Complete the primary dedusting and system upgrading and reconstruction project and the secondary dedusting system upgrading and reconstruction project of the first steel plant. Complete the renovation project of 3# CDQ circulating fan and dust collector; Complete the overhaul and reconstruction project of electrostatic precipitator at the head of 4# sintering machine. At the same time, the cement industry implements special emission limit management, and punishes illegal and excessive emissions according to law

in 2019, Xinyu City will once again take the strategy of developing green refractory materials as an important development strategy for the sustainable development of China's refractory industry at present and in the future. Based on the improvement of the support quality of the strong material industry, the progress of key work, the rectification feedback of supervision problems, and the notification of inspection conditions, the emergence of each industrial power in the air will be based on the support quality of the strong material industry. Regular assessment and irregular supervision will be organized for all units in all regions, Circulate a notice of criticism to the units that promote the key work slowly and respond to the computer in polluted weather, and interview and hold accountable the main people of the units that fail to improve the air quality

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