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Xiong'an new area applies 5g technology to build an environmental monitoring system of "integration of heaven and earth"

5g is the abbreviation of the fifth generation mobile networks (English: 5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems). The goal of 5g performance is to speed up industrial automation instrumentation and control systems, reduce latency, save energy, reduce costs, and improve system capacity and large-scale equipment connections

with the development of 5g technology, 5g has also been applied to environmental monitoring. At the "2018 World Mobile Congress Shanghai (mwcs18)" held in Shanghai in 2018, it was inappropriate for China Mobile and Helsinki, Finland to continue to adopt polyurea waterproof layer. The University and related enterprises jointly demonstrated an innovative 5g air quality monitoring solution. This is the first demonstration in the world that 5g and high-precision measurement stations (atmospheric relations measurement station, smear) are used for large-scale air quality monitoring and high-density 5g sensor networks

in order to strengthen the construction of ecological environment monitoring capacity in xiong'an new area and consolidate the foundation of ecological environment management, the ecological environment bureau of xiong'an new area, together with China Unicom, Huawei and other units, jointly carried out the pilot work of "Heaven Earth integration" ecological environment monitoring and construction based on 5g technology. On January 25, the demonstration of the "integration of heaven and earth" ecological environment monitoring system based on 5g technology was successfully completed at the Diankou entrance of Xiaoyi River, Tongkou Town, Anxin County, xiong'an new area

through the continuous aerial photography of the UAV equipped with 5g terminal CPE and 360 ° +4k camera, the unmanned ship's continuous navigation monitoring real-time return data, and the captured environmental conditions and water quality data are returned to the platform and terminal in real time through the 5g network, so as to achieve the purpose of VR real-time perception and real-time observation and processing. Relying on the advantages of 5g high speed and low time delay, with the help of the all-weather and all terrain flexibility of VR UAV and the ultra long-term cruise monitoring of unmanned ships, Real time panorama and full data return to create an "integrated heaven and earth" ecological monitoring system

due to the complex trend of Baiyangdian and the rivers entering the lake, the traditional water quality monitoring is time-consuming and laborious. Through innovative monitoring methods, the ecological environment bureau of xiong'an new area has greatly improved the efficiency of water quality monitoring, adding scientific and technological elements to the stable development of the ecological environment of xiong'an NEW area. Next, the ecological environment bureau of xiong'an new area will continue to strengthen innovation practice, fully integrate the advantageous resources and industrial forces of the new area, continue to promote the further improvement of the ecological environment, and help the construction of smart and green cities in xiong'an new area

in 2018, the ecological environment bureau of xiong'an new area accurately grasped the connotation of the ecological environment of "xiong'an quality", regarded the ecological environment as the lifeline of the development of the new area, strengthened the treatment of both symptoms and root causes, and promoted comprehensive management, and handed over a satisfactory report card. Compared with the previous year, the water quality in Baiyangdian district has improved, and the concentration of Main Pollutants Total Phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen has decreased by 35.16% and 45.45% respectively year-on-year, with obvious improvement effect. The air quality in the new area has improved, with the comprehensive index of 6.86, a decrease of 7.42% over the previous year, and the concentration of PM2.5, a decrease of 5.97% over the previous year

in 2019, xiong'an new area will continue to draw experimental characteristic curves around the creation of "xiong'an quality" in the work of ecological environment remediation, and adopt the country's leading governance technology and the most powerful measures to achieve the goals of various ecological environment protection tasks

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