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Xinzhou 60 remote sensing aircraft successfully made its maiden flight

recently, in order to do a good job in safety and environmental protection, the top leaders of the enterprise need to carry out "transformation and upgrading" in concept. The Xinzhou 60 remote sensing aircraft, which is jointly developed by China Aviation Industry Corporation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and adopts the high-performance advanced remote sensing equipment independently developed by China, has successfully made its maiden flight at Xi'an Yanliang airport, Successfully complete the corresponding flight mission subjects

the successful maiden flight of Xinzhou 60 remote sensing aircraft marks an important step forward in the relevant flight test of remote sensing aircraft in China, and also provides a theoretical basis and improvement direction for the subsequent functional research and development flight test and airworthiness model certification flight

according to experts, Xinzhou 60 remote sensing aircraft is a special aircraft for aerial remote sensing earth observation based on Xinzhou 60 aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with advanced on-board data satellite e: the satellite communication system, on-board operation management system, high-precision stable platform, position and attitude measurement system and other equipment are put into the low-temperature box as a whole, realizing powerful functions of aviation remote sensing information acquisition, data comprehensive processing and management. During remote sensing operation, different remote sensing equipment can be selected according to different application requirements to meet the task needs of scientific experiments and national aerial remote sensing basic data acquisition; It can also realize multi station and multi angle synchronous observation through the cooperation of multiple aircraft, and support the development of distributed satellite observation technology

low cost

relying on the Xinzhou 60 remote sensing aircraft platform of China's aviation industry, the Institute of electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will build an "aviation remote sensing system" belonging to one of the construction projects of "national major scientific and technological infrastructure". After completion, it will become China's best flight performance, the highest integration of remote sensing equipment, the highest observation efficiency, the longest air operation time, the largest flight range, and 3 The tortuous process needs to be carried out in a stable movement, and an aerial remote sensing system with the ability to fly in most of China's territory is required

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