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Xiuqiang shares joined hands with Zhiqi to open a new ecosystem of smart glass brands in the 5g era. On December 10, 2019, xiuqiang shares (Stock Code: 300160), a leading company in the domestic home appliance glass industry, reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Zhiqi strategic brand marketing agency. Mr. luxiuqiang, chairman of xiuqiang Co., Ltd., and Mr. Shaojun, the founder of Zhiqi strategic brand marketing with a length of about 70 meters, and other enterprise representatives of both sides attended the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation

xiuqiang Co., Ltd., born in 1992, is China's largest household appliance glass manufacturer and a leading glass deep-processing enterprise in market share; It is the world-class "invisible champion" in the industry. In the field of home appliance glass, China has a market share of 58%, the world market share of 38%, and in the "most demanding" Japanese market, it occupies more than 70% of the market share.

xiuqiang's products include touch screen cover glass, thin film battery (TCO) glass, photovoltaic coated glass (AR) There are nearly 1000 varieties of six series, including ITO glass, household appliance color crystal glass with high efficiency and household glass, which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world. They are the main suppliers of solar cell companies such as cecep, Yingli and Jingao, as well as famous household appliance enterprises at home and abroad such as Haier, Midea, Panasonic, Samsung, Electrolux and Siemens

Mr. luxiuqiang, chairman of xiuqiang Co., Ltd., said that in terms of technology accumulation, xiuqiang Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the field of glass processing, accumulated deep technical capital and sales network at home and abroad, and its subsidiaries cover all links of R & D, production and sales of industrial chains such as "glass + new materials", "glass + electronic information", "glass + transportation equipment". In terms of enterprise management, taking traditional culture as the core, we should create a unique and personalized enterprise culture, so that xiuqiang shares, a traditional production-oriented enterprise, has unique enterprise charm and enterprise cohesion, and comprehensively improve the happiness index of xiuqiang people

it is reported that the internationally renowned new energy vehicle manufacturer has launched glass products for charging piles of new energy vehicles made of glass. After a year of sample delivery and testing, xiuqiang has become the only domestic supplier of the brand manufacturer. With the production of this brand enterprise in the domestic production line, xiuqiang's forward-looking industrial chain deepening and broadening strategy focuses on the specific marking of smart glass, smart manufacturing and other technology industries in the 5g era. The specific marking is drawn on the prepared samples by printing or hand (the addition of marking has no impact on the samples). The implementation method will further increase the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, thus promoting the company to a new level

for this brand strategic cooperation, Shao Jun, founder of Shanghai Zhiqi strategic brand marketing agency, believes that the 5g era is at hand, and services in VR equipment, electronic equipment, smart home, medical display, transportation and other fields all need a large number of glass products, such as Zytel pa612 processing glass industry, which has broad prospects. Xiuqiang takes the lead in brand strategy upgrading and innovation in the industry, which can not only highlight the strength of enterprises and brands, but also realize differentiation from the aspects of scientific and technological hard innovation and brand soft power, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Zhiqi will use its accumulated experience in tob industry market insight, category product innovation, strategic brand building and upgrading to help xiuqiang reach a new peak and win future competition

in 2020, xiuqiang shares and Zhiqi will explore new market demands outward, dig deep into the core of enterprise spirit, and comprehensively start brand strategy upgrading from product innovation and corporate culture operation. It is believed that the strategic cooperation between the two sides will also open a new mode of thinking for China's processed glass industry and help the industry to continue to innovate and develop

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