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Xiongxian county carried out pull-up investigation on enterprises involving waste plastics

the joint law enforcement action of demolishing three hot-dip galvanizing stalls in Longwan town and one charcoal processing site in Xiongzhou town recently, especially in the uneven distribution, the TV media followed up synchronously, and the relevant laws and regulations in China were clearly exposed at the county TV station at the first time, while strengthening the crackdown according to law. This is a silhouette of the centralized rectification of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises in Xiong county

Xiongzhou town cut off electricity to deal with the scattered pollution enterprises

it was learned that in order to consolidate the achievements of the preliminary work and ensure the completion of the remediation tasks, Xiongxian county carried out a one month "scattered pollution" enterprise remediation campaign from July 7 to August 10, focusing on waste plastics, printing Plate making and other heavily polluting "scattered pollution" enterprises and illegal sewage related enterprises are increasingly expanding the use of plastics, conducting pull-up inspections, and completely shutting down and banning them. Up to now, 4 people have been transferred to the public security department for criminal detention and 17 people have been administratively detained, which has played a strong deterrent role to the "scattered pollution" enterprises in the county

meters found in Mingang town

grasp key industries and strictly regulate standards. Focusing on the waste plastic processing, printing, plate making and other industries, on the basis of the early shutdown, the "two interruptions and three cleanings" (water, power, raw materials, products and equipment) will be implemented for the closed and banned "scattered pollution" enterprises; For large-scale enterprises with complete environmental protection procedures, ensure to achieve standard emissions; The "scattered pollution" enterprises that have gone through the environmental assessment approval procedures but have not been accepted shall be rectified in place by the end of July to ensure that the acceptance is completed and the pollutant discharge permit is handled, otherwise they will be shut down and banned

Minggang town clean up scattered sewage enterprise equipment

strengthen joint law enforcement and implement it at all levels. We will vigorously promote the work of the five joint law enforcement teams established in the early stage, give full play to the role of joint law enforcement in combating and deterring environmental violations, cooperate with towns and townships to do a good job in dismantling and banning, seriously deal with a number of rebound "scattered pollution" enterprises, centrally handle a number of typical cases and make them public in a timely manner. Every "scattered pollution" enterprise in key industries has identified village cadres, village supervisors, power suppliers, water suppliers, etc., to ensure the implementation of supervision

establish a long-term mechanism and strengthen inspection and disposal. The power supply company is responsible for the implementation of power supervision over "scattered pollution" enterprises through power consumption. If it is found that abnormal power consumption and the deepening of understanding and understanding of natural materials are of positive significance, it will immediately and thoroughly deal with it, and at the same time, it will timely and truthfully notify the relevant towns and environmental protection bureaus. Regular inspections shall be carried out on the "scattered pollution" enterprises that have been shut down. If there is a rebound, joint law enforcement actions shall be organized immediately, and the enterprise personnel shall be subject to administrative punishment and administrative detention. If the circumstances are serious, criminal proceedings shall be investigated in accordance with the law

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