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Xiupo reached a cooperation intention with pigmentan, Israel

in order to further promote and strengthen the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Panyu District and Middle East countries, from June 19 to 28, Chen Dejun, member of the Standing Committee of the district Party committee and director of the office of the District Party committee, led a 34 member Panyu District Economic and trade delegation to visit Israel and Egypt. The director of the economic and Trade Promotion Bureau of Panyu District, the director of Panyu District Council for the promotion of international trade and other department leaders, as well as 20 representative enterprises in Panyu District, such as CNC machine tools, mechanical equipment, wire rope length, lighting and sound, transmission and distribution substation, electronic information and other industries

During the visit, the delegation visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Cairo, Luxor and other cities, "This is mainly because the single line production range is only 20000 tons at present, and a series of economic and trade cooperation and exchange activities have been carried out, which have achieved fruitful results. Among them, the four stages of entan company (operating environmental protection coatings) shared by the above technicians of xiupo chemical company and Israeli pig The cooperation intention was preliminarily reached

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