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Xpedx introduces environmental friendly printing machine paper

This product makes xpedx cleaner and can provide digital paper with a wide range of performance values and quality in North America. Xpedx positions this product as high-capacity digital printer paper

this high-quality paper is designed to meet the strict requirements of digital printing. The advanced surface can provide unified color applicability and excellent toner adhesion. It can be applied to a variety of devices, such as Xerox igen, Kodak nExpress, HP indigo, Canon, Konica Minolta, OSI and other toner/laser printers as well as di (digital imaging) printers

the new paper is 91 brightness, which can be used in textbooks, covers, smooth surfaces and silk. It is suitable for all sizes and weights before stress is applied, and has been certified by the (RIT) Printing Application Laboratory of Rochester University of technology

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