The investment of enterprises in China's machinery

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The investment of enterprises in China's machinery market has not decreased, and mining machinery is still in a period of development. Zhang Yanlin, director of CIC consulting and research, pointed out that correspondingly, mining machinery is still a sub industry with a promising industry prospect at present, and the growth of the mining equipment industry mainly depends on infrastructure construction investment. Due to the rapid promotion of China's economic construction, there are still many projects, including roads, railways and real estate, In the future, infrastructure investment at a certain level will become the main driving force for the growth of the mining equipment industry in 2011

recently, a report exposing the truth about the construction rate of affordable housing in Shaanxi caused an uproar. The article mentioned that under the pressure of the national goal of starting 10million units by the end of November, self built houses in China are the largest plastic country in the world today, and have become the right hand for local governments, including Shaanxi, to complete the task of affordable housing

Duan Jiaxuan, a researcher in the machinery industry of CIC consulting, pointed out that the construction machinery market declined under the strong support of the state in the second quarter, and the market expected the acceleration of the construction of affordable housing in the second half of the year. From the current progress and current situation of the construction of affordable housing in the market, there were mixed feelings. Benefiting from the sustained and rapid growth of China's real estate and infrastructure investment, the growth of concrete machinery exceeded the development trend expectation of 2.2 spring testing machine, which once again highlighted that China's inertia of relying on heavy industry to drive economic growth still exists

as an important part of construction machinery, the huge demand space of the market and the rapid development of the industry have prompted enterprises to continuously accelerate investment. With the acceleration of market investment, the competition between enterprises is also intensifying. At present, the investment in the market tends to be irrational, and the market anxiety is still strong. On the basis of the decline in infrastructure investment, despite rising concerns, the investment growth rate of leading enterprises has not decreased at all

according to the report on investment analysis and prospect prediction of China's machinery industry in released by CIC consultants, in the fierce market competition, market expansion is undoubtedly the common competition mode adopted by enterprises. The market is in an accelerated state, and the competition is also accelerating, and there is a growing trend. The entry of Shantui and Liugong, together with the growing concrete machinery industry of XCMG, will form a direct competition situation with Zoomlion and sany, which have dominated the concrete machinery industry and stored relevant information) for many years

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