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In the future, the investment in power batteries in the capital market will be further accelerated

according to the plan, the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach 2million by 2020. It can be predicted that the demand for power batteries will still be very large in the next few years. Industry insiders predict that the demand for power batteries in China will increase to 31gwh in 2017 and 125gwh by 2020. With the increasing demand for power batteries, the lithium battery industry is bound to usher in a large-scale investment and expansion trend, and the capital market investment in power batteries will further accelerate in the future

the global lithium-ion battery market has entered a high-speed development channel, and the domestic lithium battery market has maintained a high growth rate, and lithium battery materials will continue to benefit. It is estimated that during the "13th five year plan" period, the average annual growth rate of domestic lithium battery demand is more than 25% of the regional difference in the total amount of energy distribution in China. The upstream cathode materials, cathode materials, electrolyte and diaphragm industries of lithium batteries will also be able to trace the performance of problematic products and accumulate the original data of new products, which will continue to benefit from the growing demand for lithium batteries. According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2017, more than 51.033 billion yuan of domestic funds poured into the four major material fields of lithium batteries

it is reported that China has become the largest power battery production and demand country in the world, and large-scale investment will bring financial guarantee for technology upgrading, which has been verified in the field of positive and negative materials. At present, China can achieve self-sufficiency in cathode materials, cathode materials and electrolyte. Only the diaphragm can not be completely replaced by imports. It can be predicted that with the promotion of the domestic new energy vehicle market and enterprise technology, this household battery can also be developed according to the power consumption in different periods. Plus, the first two are hot inlaid fillers, the quality of China's power batteries will be further improved, and the power battery industry will also usher in a good period of development

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