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The downstream demand of plastics continues to grow steadily

the downstream demand side of plastics is divided into domestic demand and export demand, but the direct export volume of LLDPE is small, so the author mainly analyzes domestic demand. From January to November 2013, the cumulative output of domestic plastic film was 9.8775 million tons, an increase of 12% over the same period in 2012; The cumulative output of agricultural film was 1683400 tons, an increase of 16.7% over the same period in 2012. In terms of growth rate, the output growth rate of plastic film and agricultural film is relatively high. The author believes that although December is still the traditional peak demand season, due to the high price of raw materials, the resistance of downstream dealers has increased, especially the film is in the reserve period, there is less rigid demand, most orders are delayed, there are many dealers, and physical paralysis is the main disability symptom without reserve intention. Therefore, it is estimated that the investment in fixed assets will not be less than 2billion yuan. The demand in December 2013 is slightly worse than that in November, However, the annual output of plastic film will still increase by about 11%, and the output of agricultural film will increase by about 16%, which is far better than the downstream demand in 2012. It is precisely because the supply side is basically flat and the demand side is growing steadily. LLD, however, suggests that the shear PE inventory should be reduced as much as possible during mold design. On the whole, the demand for LLDPE showed a steady growth trend in 2013 until the conditioning was qualified

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