The downstream demand of the hottest glass stagnat

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The downstream demand for glass stagnated and it became more difficult to support prices

the overall trend of the glass spot market since October was slightly worse than previously expected, mainly due to the impact of downstream environmental protection and poor demand in the northern region, and the speed of inventory reduction after the national Day holiday was not ideal, including the Shandong market near North China, which also had varying degrees of inventory pressure, which was not easy to see last year. That is to say, the overall downstream demand is not as expected, coupled with the impact of real estate construction work stoppage in the later heating season

from a regional perspective, the market price in most regions is mainly stable, and there is no large-scale price increase expected before. Some manufacturers in North China are less self-locking. In order to boost market confidence and lengthen the heart of the industrial chain, their quotations have increased slightly, while some manufacturers in the Northwest market have begun to reduce their quotations. Prices in South China, East China and central China are mainly stable. The regional trends are as follows:

today, the spot market trend in East China is general, the delivery of production enterprises is basically normal, and the price is stable. On the whole, after the East China and North China meetings, the market reaction was not strong, and the price change was less than expected. Only some manufacturers' quotations have increased, while most manufacturers in other regions are mainly on the sidelines. After all, the quotations of manufacturers in East China are also at a high level, and they cannot increase the favorable conditions for the entry of glass in other regions after the price increase. Especially in Shandong and other regions, the price rise in the early stage is relatively large, and the increase of glass inflow in Shahe region is not conducive to stabilizing the local supply and demand balance. The increment of cold repair and resumption of production of the two production lines in the later stage will also affect the supply and demand of the overall market in East China, making it more difficult for prices to rise

today, the overall market trend in South China is acceptable, the delivery of production enterprises is basically normal, and the quotation is mainly stable. Recently, the number of glasses from Northeast China entering the South China market has increased slightly, which has certain adverse factors on the contradiction between supply and demand in the regional market, and has also attracted the attention of local market manufacturers. The overall stock out situation of the central China market is acceptable, and the increased inventory reduction rate after the long holiday has increased slightly. From the perspective of market confidence, the market in South China is slightly better than that in Central China, and the inventory pressure also changes differently

today, the overall trend of the North China market is general, there is no obvious change in the delivery of production enterprises, and the market price is mainly stable. Recently, the overall warehouse out situation in Shahe area is less than expected, and the current production and sales balance can be basically achieved. The inventory reduction increased by manufacturers during the National Day is relatively difficult, and the proportion of inventory reduction in one week is far lower than that in the same period last year. On the one hand, the local deep-processing enterprises in Shahe area have more downtime, on the other hand, the price difference with the surrounding market is small, resulting in increased delivery pressure. Although there is a certain expectation of production reduction in the later stage, the large scale of supply in this region and the shutdown of real estate construction heating season in some regions in the later stage have also caused a large reduction in demand, which is also a matter of concern

today, the ex warehouse situation in Southwest China is acceptable, and the manufacturer's price is mainly stable. Through the price rise in the early stage, the confidence of the downstream market increased slightly. At present, there is still a certain upward trend in the price in the later stage of Southwest China

at present, Northeast China has entered the last peak selling season, and the orders of downstream processing enterprises have begun to decrease month on month. At the same time, the production enterprises have increased their sales to South China and other regions, trying to reduce the pressure on the local market caused by these collected pens

the recent overall market trend in Northwest China is acceptable. Some regional markets have experienced a certain degree of correction, and prices have loosened. The main reason for the stability is that some manufacturers increased rebates in the name of promotion, resulting in a decrease in the stock out of other manufacturers

future overview:

the performance of gold nine was acceptable, and a certain range of regional changes occurred after silver ten. It is mainly reflected in the seasonal demand in some regions. 3.1 the change of effective travel and the difficulty of price rise caused by inventory pressure, etc. In particular, the shutdown in the heating season in northern China has a certain impact on the consumption demand of glass, which is currently mainly reflected in the changes in orders of deep-processing enterprises. Although there is an expectation of output reduction in Shahe and other regions in the later stage, both supply and demand decline and increase, resulting in an increase in the difficulty of market price rise. At the same time, it also has a relatively large impact on market confidence

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