The downstream demand of the hottest PVC is low, a

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[PVC] downstream demand is sluggish, and high prices are difficult to support the overall situation.

first, this week's market (May 12 to May 16)

PVC warehouse receipts continued to consolidate at a high level this week, and the overall quotation was high. The China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1425.51, up 27.86 points from the previous trading week

on Monday, PVC warehouse receipts opened higher and went higher. In the early stage, the intraday index rose in a broken line and then fluctuated upward. In the middle and later stages, it stabilized to the end of the session and finally closed smoothly; PVC warehouse receipts opened higher and went higher on Tuesday. The early intraday index fluctuated and went up in a straight line, while the middle and late intraday index stabilized, and then went down slightly in the late afternoon; On Wednesday, PVC warehouse receipts opened higher and went higher. In the early stage, the intraday index rose straightly from the opening, and rose after stabilizing in the middle and late session, and closed stable in the late session; On Thursday, PVC warehouse receipts opened higher and went higher. The intraday index fluctuated downward and rose. The mid and late session began to fluctuate upward in a straight line, and the late session was stable; Warehouse receipts opened higher and went higher. In the early stage, the intraday index went up in a straight line, in the middle and later in a straight line, and then went down in a shock. In the late afternoon, it continued to go down in a shock

in terms of data, as of Friday's close, the PVC warehouse receipt index closed at 1493.49, up 27.9 points from the previous trading week, and the settlement price of main warehouse receipts increased significantly compared with the same period last week, The trading volume and order volume have decreased compared with the same week as above

the specific data of one week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

pvc3: regularly check the transmission of sprocket. The total trading volume of warehouse receipt (ton)

PVC warehouse receipt order volume (batch)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this Friday

last weekend

increase and decrease




↑ 137



↓ 7



↓ 8




↑ 170


II (3) Put the test piece at the center of the ball shaped support plate of the movable billiard of the experimental machine and make a comprehensive analysis:

on the weekly K-line chart of the index, the PVC warehouse receipts continue to receive the bare head and bare foot positive line this week, and all the moving average trends upward. On the daily K-line chart, three yang and two Yin were received, the opening of the brin line continued to decrease, the KDJ index fluctuated downward, and the red column area of the MACD index changed little. It is expected that the market will be mainly stabilized after consolidation

crude oil: crude oil futures rose and fell this week, with normal adjustment. At the close of trading on Friday, WTI was at $124.12/barrel, up $0.43 from last Friday; Brent was at $122.63 per barrel, down $0.21 from last Friday

spot: from the market atmosphere of making hydrogel materials available for cosmetics additives, lubricants for oil drilling operations and other aspects, the mentality of merchants has improved, the ultra-low price in the early stage has gradually decreased, some people have increased, and the downstream inquiry atmosphere has also improved. It can be seen that the possibility of continuing to decline is unlikely at present, but market participants do not dare to be blindly optimistic, and downstream procurement is still cautious. The trend in the later stage is still unclear, and people from all parties are cautious. The price of ordinary electric stone materials in South China is yuan/ton. The mainstream in East China is delivered in yuan/ton. The price of ordinary electric stone in North China is yuan/ton. Ethylene material is stable. The mainstream price in East China and South China is at yuan/ton, while that in North China is slightly lower at yuan/ton. On the whole, for all participants, the current market is full of risks and opportunities. Of course, if we master the laws of the development of surrounding markets, it is best to clarify the operation ideas. Like any other business, you have to wait and suffer a long time before you succeed. Only when you know how to wait and work hard in waiting can you get the result you want. At present, the market will not continue to decline for the time being, but the rise now seems to be immature. Recently, it is still stable with a stable trend. After mutual restriction and running in from different factors, the later trend will gradually become clear that China is the leading market for recycled plastics

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