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The downstream demand of chemical industry is flat, and the price of products is low as a whole.

products with large increase in recent two weeks: raw salt (Shandong), 12.5%; Henryhub natural gas, 12.2%; WTI crude oil, 7.9%; Methanol (Yangtze River Delta), 7.9%; Maleic anhydride (Yangtze River Delta), 3.6%

products with large decline in recent two weeks: acrylic acid (Yangtze River Delta), -12.8%; Soda ash (light, East China), -10.2%; Coal tar (Yangtze River Delta), -9.5%; Acetone (Yangtze River Delta), -8.7%; Butyl rubber (1751, Yangtze River Delta), -8.5%

the domestic fertilizer market is depressed, and the export of phosphate fertilizer is smooth in the off-season. In June, the state began to implement a 7% phosphate fertilizer export tariff in the off-season, and domestic enterprises responded positively. It is expected that the export volume in the off-season is expected to reach 2million tons. However, the domestic fertilizer market is in a downturn this year, and the markets for nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer are still relatively flat. Looking ahead, the off-season export effect of urea in July needs to be observed; There will be a new round of small peak in fertilizer demand around autumn, but if the inventory is large at that time, the room for price rise may be limited

mdi prices fell. Last week (June), the pure MDI fell by 2.3% to 16850 yuan/ton, and the aggregate MDI fell by 5.9% to 15900 yuan/ton. The price remained stable this week. The industries such as refrigerators and freezers downstream of polymerized MDI, and the industries such as sizing and sole stock solution downstream of pure MDI are currently in the off-season. It is expected that the weakness of MDI demand and price will continue for some time

the price of spandex fell. The quotation of spandex 40d this week was 51000 yuan/ton, with a cumulative decrease of 8.1% in the past month. Downstream industries have entered the off-season, and the prospects of euro depreciation and RMB appreciation have put pressure on the textile industry, which may affect the demand for spandex. At the same time, PTMEG and other raw materials remain at a high level, squeezing the profit space of the spandex industry

epoxy compound price callback. Affected by the decline in oil prices in the early stage, the price of epoxy compounds has recently been corrected

ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, such as TPU, PP, PVC, PC, PA and other plastics, and epichlorohydrin have decreased by 5.4%, 8.1% and 21.7% respectively in the past month

with the rebound of oil prices this week, the price of epoxy compounds is expected to stop falling. On the whole, the future supply increment of epoxy compounds is large, which is beneficial to downstream polyether and other industries

1. Automatic calibration: the system can automatically calibrate the accuracy of indication; Short term investment perspective: the overall sluggish demand for bulk chemicals has not improved recently, and the expectation of RMB exchange rate adjustment has further raised concerns about exports, and the price of chemical products continues to hover low

relatively speaking, the demand of some fine chemical sub industries close to the downstream is relatively stable, the competition pattern is good, and the raw materials benefit relatively when they fall. The companies concerned include Zhejiang Longsheng (dyestuff), Huitian rubber (adhesive), hongbaoli (hard foam polyether), oak shares (ethylene oxide derivatives), etc

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